Simca 1000 v. Morris 1100


I have just finished reading your account of the first 10,000 miles driving in your Morris 1000—and I am aghast! During that period you seem to have had little but trouble. Stops and starts all the way. And yet you profess yourself satisfied with the car. Coming from you I find this hard to believe.

I purchased a Simca 1000 on 17th April, and two days ago I completed 10,000 miles. During that time I have been inconvenienced by one loose bolt and a puncture. Total time to cure each: 15 minutes. Add to that an average of 42 m.p.g. on the cheapest petrol, and you will see that my aghast-ness has some foundation. Top it up with the fact that, the 500 miles check apart, I have only needed one service, and I believe my argument is complete.

David Wilkinson.