Coupe Version of Lotus Elan



Though the familiar open Lotus Elan S2 is to continue unchanged for 1966, a coupé version will also make its appearance on the market. Mechanically, the car will be the same as its open counterpart, except that an optional 3.55-to-1 axle ratio is offered to more easily facilitate long-distance touring. If this axle is fitted, it will be mated to a Lotus-Ford close-ratio gearbox, with slightly lower 1st and 2nd ratios so that the acceleration times associated with the 3.9-to-1 final drive will be largely unaffected. The bodywork consists of a one-piece moulding in reinforced fibreglass, with front and rear bumpers also of fibreglass.

Initially, ten Elan coupes will be produced each week, three-quarters of the total production being earmarked for export.

Price, including purchase tax, will be £1,597, with an extra £22 for chrome-plated bumpers. In kit form, the car will cost £1,312, with an extra £1 for the plated bumpers.