A Useful Signal Lamp



For more years than I can count accurately I have used a pair of Bardic electric hand torches—one conveniently stubby, the other a formidable weapon—for night motoring. They are not only very nicely finished, but they incorporate a number of extremely practical features. What is more, they are amongst the very few mechanical possessions which have never given any trouble—my complex Breitling wrist stop-watch is another— so that I have the greatest possible respect for Bardic, who, I consider, make the best portable lighting equipment available anywhere in the World.

This firm, which is also concerned with aluminium and zinc die-casting, has now introduced a hand signalling lamp which looks like matching my old Bardic hand torches for toughness and dependability. Intended for railway work, British Railways having made their first equipment change in a century by ordering 42,500 of them, this lamp is not in any way an ornament. It looks, in fact, rather like an iron, being held by a handgrip above its battery container. But it looks superbly strong, well finished and fitted to its task, yet is acceptably light to carry. There is a simple on-off switch which, when rotated, changes the colour of the powerful beam from white to red, green, and orange, as required. These colour variations are achieved by moving a circular screen round in front of the bulb, which is a strong, reliable method in the best Bardic tradition.

Railways in Australia, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and elsewhere are displaying interest in this compact, effective signal lamp, which is already in use by various Police Forces as an emergency warning lamp at the scene of road accidents, etc. The 4.5-volt battery has a polythene cover and there is a spare 3.8-volt bulb within the casing, which is precision engineered for long life. We think rally drivers, race and rally officials, garages, private aviators and aerodrome managers, etc., will find them invaluable. The makers are Bardic Limited, Northam, Southampton.—W.B.