Rolls-Royce Armoured Cars


2 Field Squadron, RAF Regiment, formerly No. 2 armoured car company RAF, possessed a 1 ft. 5-6 inch silver model of a Silver Ghost armoured car. The silver was dented and stained and it was in rather bad condition. It was renovated and for safe keeping was presented to the RAF Regiment depot at Catterick, Yorkshire, where it has remained since 1969. It represented a vehicle used by the Squadron in the 1920s. It was, I think, the version with the completely enclosed turret which mounted a single Vickers machine gun. It had very large lockers over the back wheels and a spare wheel mounted just forward and on the left of the driver's compartment. It was all silver and was one of the most impressive models I have ever seen. 2 Field Squadron's badge is a winged wheel which I think must be something to do with the fact they were an RAF armoured unit. I think that the other five RAF armoured car units became RAF Regiment Squadrons, although I could not be sure. There are supposed to be several of these gracious vehicles abandoned in deserts somewhere in the Middle East. Can anyone throw any light on that?

Wittering Simon O'Dwyer-Russell (Aged 13)