The Citroën GS1220 Club


I own a Citroën GS1220 Club. As for being a thirsty little beast, I beg to differ. I travel approx. 200 miles per week on a total of six gallons of petrol, 75% motorway driving at approx. 60-70 m.p.h. I suggest you learn to drive your GS in a safe and proper fashion, i.e. suspension settings should he on first position not second for normal driving and comfort. Second position for rough road conditions, and third position for wheel changing only and not first as you suggest in your magazine. You should read your handbook more carefully before you test drive a Citroen car. I have owned in the past an Austin 1300 and 1100, also one Ford Anglia, but nothing to compare with this little beauty for all-round comfort and reliability. As for cold starting I suggest you read the handbook carefully, i.e. pages 10 and 11. My car is outside all through the winter, I don’t have a garage. Also as you will know by my signature am a lady driver, and knowing nothing about cars I will want the best—another Citroën.

Worsley, Lancs Anne Cosgrove

P.S.: British car makers please take note of this superb little car.