Against a Seperate MG-C Register


In reply to Mr. Wilkins’ letter in September Motor Sport, it should perhaps be pointed out that the MG Car Club exists for the support, assistance and enjoyment of MG owners, with several Registers incorporated therein to cater for the needs of the owners of the older MGs.

No doubt a register could be incorporated for MG-C owners, and certainly will be in time to come. Normally I would be opposed to the formation of such a Register until the vehicle had been obsolete for ten years, but in view of the difficulties already being encountered by “C” owners in obtaining commonplace spares, a Register would appear to be essential if this very underrated machine is to survive even the normal lifespan of the contemporary unit construction motor car.

It is irresponsible to suggest the formation of such a Club outside the main MG Car Club; we may have some criticisms of that Club, but the advocation of a separate Club is quite unnecessary.

Buckden A. P. Willmer

Hon. Editor, MGCC T-Register Occasional Bulletin