Manufacturers have always introduced “gimmicks” to help promote sales of their vehicles—it used to be heaters, cigar lighters, reversing lights, etc., all of which are accepted in today’s cars as standard fittings. Today, in the interest of safety, we hear of such things as wiper/washer attachments to headlights.

Consider for a moment—Why is it necessary for wiper/washer fitting for headlights? Answer—obviously to keep them clear of filth thrown up in the spray of vehicles in front.

Has no manufacturer ever thought of fitting rear mud-flaps to all cars as well as lorries, buses, etc. They always seem to be fitted to the front wheel arches—but then of course, this protects the bodywork from stones thrown up (primary importance?)

I am tired of following such cars as the Allegro and Alfasud where the rear wheels are very exposed, and getting a windscreen coated in spray from wet roads—but then IS it my fault for driving too close to the vehicle in front of me? (Downhill with the wind behind me in my ageing Series IV Rapier).

In all seriousness though, in this safety-conscious motoring age, I think it would be a worthwhile proposition to fit mudfiaps as standard especially after experiencing the fog” of spray thrown up from a rain-soaked Motorway reducing visibility to virtually zero.

Thank you for your excellent magazine.

Weston, Bath. Peter J. Gibson

[A case of “simplicate” and avoid unnecessary complication—so how about compulsory rear-wheel mud-flaps and, of course, compulsory emergency handles for operating unserviceable screen-wipers, compulsory heated rear windows, and compulsory roadrolling to obviate dangerous loose grit after repairs? Seat-belts are compulsory in recent Private cars anyway but not, thank goodness, the compulsory wearing of them.—ED.]