"Jim Clark Remembered"

"Jim Clark Remembered" by Graham Gauld. 143 pp. 9 in. x 6 in. (PSL, Burr Cambridge, CB3 8EL. £3.95).

Here is another book about one racing driver, in this case the greatest, perhaps, in the Formula One firmament in recent times. The idea behind this new study of Jim Clark is to answer some of the mysteries surrounding the popular Scottish World Champion and to include a great number of worthwhile pictures of his career, from Sunbeam-Talbot, DKW, Jaguar, Porsche, and Triumph TR days onwards. The author is well qualified to do this, because he was chosen by Clark himself to help Jimmy with his autobiography in 1963 and he then wrote his own Clark biography which is said to be that very rare product, a motor-racing best-seller.

It would be unfair to Use this review to reveal the Gauld answers to such connundrums as What really. caused Clark's fatal accident at Hockenheim while driving a Lotus in a Formula Two race in 1968 (but let it be said that Gauld Wasvery cross with a version published by the Sunday Express and wrongly attributed to him), whether Clark should have won three times it Indianapolis, and so on. As a personal friend of the driver he -dissects, Gauld is able to give us the answers and to tell its a very great deal about the famous Scot. There is even a hint of love interest in his account and the book ends with a long sermon preached at -Clark's school after his untimely death.

As with the book reviewed above, there are tabulated results of all Clark's races, from 1956 to 1968 and in this case the Foreword is by Jackie Stewart: We feel especially pleased that the author who knew Clark so intimately gives the credit for being one Of the first outside Scotland to recognise Clark's great ability to MOTOR SPORT's Continental Correspondent.—W.B.