Multiple Insurance

Multiple Insurance

Sir, I am a regular reader of MOTOR SPORT, and a classic car collector, and often have in my possession as many as six or seven cars, all taxed, and ready to drive at any time. I insure my cars third party and ownerdriver only, thus only one car can be on the road at any one time, but I have to have every car insured, or keep changing the insurance from one car to the other. This is impossible as I may wish to drive as many as three or more cars in any one day, and how does one change the insurance from

one car to another three times in one day?

I have had a clean licence for 37 years, and also a HGV licence, served my time as a motor engineer, and have driven over a million miles.

I have approached many insurance companies to insure me to drive any car "that is mine", third party and owner-driver only, but they refuse to "play ball". I am prepared to pay their maximum risk, I think it's group 7; most of the time I will be driving minimum risk cars, so what have they to lose as I am only one risk?

I feel sure that if MOTOR SPORT took this up, for and on behalf of their readers, not only for me, but many others who have the same problem, you will be remembered by classic car collectors for a very long time. Stanmore F. C. IRISH [A problem which afflicts many of us. Any ideas?—Ed.) '