Coach Drivers



Coach Drivers


My father was the coach driver killed in the Dumfries A74 accident in June of this year. On his behalf and that of other coach drivers I refute the “menace” allegations of Mr. E. Downer in the September MOTOR SPORT. Coach drivers, and bus drivers too, display great responsibility every time they take a vehicle with passengers on the road and are grossly underpaid into the bargain compared with their more sophisticated contempories, airline pilots.

My father was not at fault in this particular accident and none of the other recent serious coach accidents have been attributed to driver error. Obviously there are bad drivers of coaches as of any other vehicle but such a general condemnation is most unjust.

On a happier note I wish continued success and prosperity to your excellent magazine. I drive an example of the excellent MG-B and am reassured that somebody somewhere is standing up for those of us who consider motoring a pleasure to be encouraged, not a drudge to be shackled at every opportunity. 14aywards Heath COLIN M. VARTY

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