Daimler corrections


What a pity and what a great disappointment to see that in your September issue you could not see fit to examine and road-test my 1897 Daimler, which is the oldest and in regular use: normally 300 to 400 miles per year, 25 L to Bs including the first in 1897 —the one you “just” mention as going to the Palace in 1897. She is the second Daimler ever built in Coventry and the oldest British in the world.

You mention that Mr. Flather (my son in this case from Hadley, Nr. Droitwich) was away. This is not correct. With temerity he asked for some compensation for licensing and for time spent in preparation. This it appears you turned down [ British Leyland made all the arrangements for me.—Ed.]

Particularly is it disappointing as I have said—as later in the same issue you review the Aston Martin situation of which as you know I am a Director. What a priceless record for “my record”—my two Loves in one cover.