USAC Silverstone

A.J. Foyt (above) might well be smiling: he had just won 33,445 dollars for covering 38 laps of Silverstone to win the first of the british USAC rounds. The Sunday race was curtailed at 38 laps by rain after being rained off on the Saturday. Foyt's Coyote-Foyt (above left) uses a turbocharged development of the Ford V8 engine with which Clark and Hill won at Indianapolis. Pit stops are a feature of USAC racing: methanol is poured into Dick Simon's Vollstedt-Offenhauser (left) via one of the specially erected booms. Below, Unser's Eagle-Cosworth leads the Penske-Cosworths of Mears and Sneva and Foyt's Coyote-Foyt through the Silverstone chicane.