MINIATURES NEWS, November 1980



Miniatures News

WESTERN MODELS of South Nuffield, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5SD have come up with another addition to their well-finished, metal wale replicas of Land Speed Record cars. The latest in then series is the famous Railton-Mobil with which John Cobb raised the record at Utah in 1939 to 369.74 m.p.h., thus having the last word pre-war in the duel against George Eyston’s Thunderbolt. The Railton was built at T & Taut Brooklands and this 6-long model faithfully depicts the sleek streamlined shape of this astonishing twin-Napier-Lion-powered car, the product of Reid A. Railton’s genius, which after the war exceeded 400 m.p.h. It is in its pre-Was guise, carrying the Mobil oil insignias. The potO is £14.92 inclusive of VAT and packing and postage. The scale is 1/43rd scale and the box the model comes in could be made into the car’s packing case. Other LSR cars in this Wes.. Models’ series include the Golden Arrow, Donald Campbell’s Bluebird, and the 200 m.p.h. Sunbeam which we reviewed favourably at the time of its introduction. Kits as well fully-finished models are available, and the range includes famous cars from pre-war and post-.o periods, with many Fl racing cars among than, mainly to 1/43rd wale but a few in 1/24th scsk.— W.B.