V-E-V- Odds -Ends

Philip Watkins of the Association of Panhard Owners is very keen to have information about the manufacture and workings of the producer-gas plants which were fitted to buses, trucks anti private cars during World War II. Letters will be forwarded.

The Bean CC Magazine carried an amusing reproduced 1901 advertisement for the Decauville agents in a recent issue, the Motor Car Co. of Shaftesbury Avenue appearing to offer £5 to anyone who could find a hill an 81 /2 h.p. Decauville couldn't climb. But there was a catch. They didn't mean Snowdon or Ben Nevis or assnormal hill in extraordinary condition. Moreover, you had first to show them a cheque for £315. If the car climbed the chosen hill you forfeited the money, but kept the car. If it failed you received tIre fiver. How fake driving was to be detected isn't explained. One wonders how many people won the £5 and whether Henry Royce was among them! Finally, wrong car — Miss Monro tells us we were wrong in saying her well-known Hampton coupe crawled up the Brooklands Test Hill at the Re-Union, because this sear it didn't attempt the ascent. Sorry! — W.B.

* * *

If the reader who corresponded with the Editor during the summer about Covent, Premier three wheelers would write again to the editorial offices, a letter on the subject will be forwarded to him.