Cars on Exhibition

The Singer Owners’ Club and many other clubs with whom we have discussed the problem are concerned that the proliferation of exhibitions both large and small up and down the country is placing an unreasonable financial burden on club members who are keen to exhibit their cars to the Public. These owners wish to exhibit their cars not only for their own satisfaction, but also to further the already sympathetic climate enjoyed by old cars in this country, yet they arc generally denied by the eithibition organisers my recompense for their efforts.

Many of these commercial exhibitions are, we are sure, worthwhile and their continuance should be encouraged, but we feel the situation has come M a head with the forthcoming Classic Car Show 1. Brighton. This is a three-day event necessarily involving hotel accommodation for members mthibiting their cars, besides the cost of insuring the cars whilst they are on the exhibition Premises, the cost of providing electricity on each stand, and the cost of providing even the simplest stand furnishing. At the most conservative estimate this must amount to 1350 for each club.

The Singer Owners’ Club have asked the organisers of the Brighton Classic Car Show for a when contribution towards the cost of providing three cars for public exhibition for three days, but so far any contribution has been refused.

The success of the Classic Car Show, and the success of other shows throughout the country is due in large part to the efforts of the members of the one-make car clubs who work so hard to make available the beautiful cars the public pay to see. We ask for the support of other exhibiting one make clubs, and the sympathy of the paying customers who should be aware that these exhibitions are only possible because the members of our clubs give their time and effort at their own considerable expense. Woodharn JOHN OLIVER [We have never encouraged these shows of static old cars, preferring to see them in action at VSCC and other clubs’ fixtures and fearing an element of .Show Biz” if not Big Business. But for those who enjoy them the Sin, OC’s point is valid. — Ed.[