Cars In Books, November 1984



Cars In Books

FROM “Streatham — Pictures from the Past”, published by the Streatham Society, 50 Staplefield Close, London, SW2 4AF in 1983, there are a wealth of old photograPhs to fascinate those who, as I did, used to know this South London suburb well, and in addition some to please tram. enthusiasts. On the motoring side, we see pre-1914 LGOC ‘buses at Streatham Common, the funeral of a tram conductor killed in a zeppelin of September 24th 1916, and the laundry van of the Streatham Park Laundry (Shirt & Collar Dressers) which used to live at Blegborough Road and is, I think, a circa 1924 Maxwell, with solid rear tyres. Another picture in the “Trade Vehicles” section shows a large solid-Wed charabanc, probably a Bristol, used by Henry Bull of Eardley Road, while m a group of hire-cars operated by Cowles & Wilby Ltd (Motor Engineers & Magneto Specialists) there is. what I take to be a Wolseley-Siddeley. — W . B.