H-S on TV

In October 14th the BBC “Top Gear” programme sent Willie Rushton to cover the Hispano Suiza Hotel Ritz Spanish Rally, which brought out a record number of these rare cars, some from Britain, of which the most notable was John Howell’s 8-litre coupé, co-driven by Morin Scott. That V8 Hispano-powered hybrid which enlivened VSCC Colerne some time ago was there going well, and the oldest car was a 1906 30/40 hp tourer. Another rare one was the 1918 de luxe Barcelona model with its HS coachwork.

Over a tough route not much trouble was experienced, although one K6 lost its final drive, and the NMM’s Alfonso came home on a truck after running a big end, to the confusion of its attractive helmeted and be-goggled girl driver. Another Alfonso required push starts. The very “period” Concours d’Elegance was won by Jim Hull from Los Angeles. Rushton made the expected gaffes, like calling an ignition advance lever, on which one engine was started, a “compression lever”, and spoke of “Silver Storks”, a term which I dislike as much as I do “Silver Arrows” in a different context. WB