On September 18 the VSCC rally-scene moved to Kent, when 57 drivers and their navigators set off hoping to win the Measham Trophy, in this scheduled time event. Doing a section too quickly was as much a "loser" as being late. The Overall Winner was P Cattell, navigated by T Cook, in a 1933 1630cc Riley. The best show by a Novice was that of B Thompson, helped by I Bennett and their 1924 Fiat, and best newcomers to this far from easy game were the Rapsons, in a 1936 1720cc Riley. First Class Awards were gained by P Weston/P Agar (1928 A7), I Potter/B Hughes (1927 12/50 Alvis), I Baxter/A Jones (1929 A7), Cattell/Cork (1933 Riley) and F Fayter/R Goodwin (1934 Riley 9). Second Class Awards went to C Hanna/P Szaruss (1929 Riley 9), J Jardine/ A Gibson (1930 Riley 9), T Jones/T Considine (1935 30/98), T Clark/K Pendlebury (Bentley, substituted for a Salmson), A Lupton/D Kirkham (1938 Lea-Francis and B Ducker/A Litter (1932 Riley 9). Third Class Awards were managed by P Hart/B Smith (1930 Humber), T Jones/R Collings (1923 30/98), P Glover/ D Roberts (1924 30/98), J Ruggles/P Bowyer (1934 Lagonda Rapier), R & S Rouse (1935 Alvis Speed 20) and A Ducker/P Beaney (1931 s/c Alfa Romeo). Clearly, an event catering for all kinds of pre-war cars. Two Lea-Francis, Binns' HRG, Collis' big Alvis and two Riley 9s failed to get to the start and there was some changing of intended navigators, Roger Collings going with Tony Jones, for instance, perhaps to compare Vauxhall with Bentley. W B