miscellany, November 1999





heard of the Aero-Engine CC and its magazine Torque since about 1995. However, perhaps it has completed its mission, for the VSCC’s Aerocar’ section is well established and active. The concept emerged in the 1920s when such engines were abundant and inexpensive, led by Chitty-Bang-Bang at Brooklands, and was rekindled some five years ago by Roger Collings’ Mercedes-Maybach. Not all such monsters were for racing. In 1922 the Streatham Engineering Co advertised such cars, having built one with a Rolls-Royce Hawk engine from an airship in a Metallurgique chassis, a two-seater body by JH Platers & Co, and an R-R radiator. Does anyone know more of these cars? ALVIS OWNERS OF ALL MODELS

from 12/50 to TF21 who require maintenance or spares are well provided for by Red Triangle of Kenilworth (01926 864867), who have a 96-page catalogue, with masses of colour pictures of components, exploded engine drawings, body styles, etc, surely the most magnificent thing of its kind available. Apart from its value to preserving fine cars, it could become a collectors item. THE SUMMER EDMON OF THE

Rolls-Royce EC’s top-class Bulletin contains splendid pictures of Rolls of all ages and types, including an armoured R-R, another of Michael Forrest’s technical discourses, this time on the Pl’s intimate internals, a piece by David Hurrell on the P2’s prop shaft and how Lady Knott’s R-R toured extensively. There are also some magnificent colourportraits by Peter Miller, and a piece on Ghosts in Australia and New Zealand, etc. R-REC Membership continues to rise, and the fixture list is very full. THE RILEY REGISTER’S

admirable Bulletin serves the inclined valves/high camshafts fraternity well. The September number had an article by David Styles on this valve-gear’s application to Triumph motorcycle engines. Another article tells what happened to Rlleys raced in America and about cars like the Barnard Special and the prototype MPH etc, when they were raced here. PROGRESS IS BEING MADE

with the replica of the 1922 racing 11.9 Lagonda, using as many correct-type parts as possible; pictures of the work done appear in the Lagonda CC’s magazine, which has just the right approach to enthusiasm for these cars. THE DONINGTON

Collection has won the prestigious special award of the Leicestershire and Rutland Museum Forum. DID YOU KNOW THAT

The Carno, not that one was being published during WWI? Its 1917 Summer issue, price sixpence, had a fine colour cover depicting an Army Crossley, as the current issue of the Crossley Register’s Newsletter reminds us? Inside are reports on recent Register events at Brooklands and elsewhere, and on Crossleys of all kinds. The Register’s Millennium Rally will be based on Llandrindod Wells on July 8/9 2000. Membership Secretary: Tony Courtney, 19 Morpeth, Dosthill, Tamworth Staffs B77 1JF. I SEE 11 VT STEVE CROPLEY,

whose page I read first when the weekly Autocar arrives says “Aircraft and motorbikes should not be the stuff of car mags”, but then goes on about a flight to a race in a paper Aztec. I am jealous because I have been wanting to write about how, in vintage times, a Comper Swift or a Percival Mew Gull were often companions to fast sportscars. MaTOR SPORT’s slogan used to be ‘Land, Air, Water’ but 1 am not sure the editor will let me burn-up space, banging on about aeroplanes I remember. HEARING JACKIE STEWART,

before Johnny Herbert’s fine win in the European GP in a Stewart-Ford, remark on Ford’s support for the new Jaguar F1 team for next year reminded me of how, when Ford backed Lotus, I used to try to get Jenks to describe the Fl cars as Lotus-Fords, mindful of the part Ford played in financing things. But he would describe them as Ford-Cosworths, to give credit to their splendid engines. I expect he would have written McLaren-11mo; rather than call their engines Mercedes-Benz, much as we both admired Mercedes cars. THE PROMOTERS OF

The Guinness Book ofRecords are to stage a contest based on the longest procession of cars of a single make. This will happen at Chester Racecourse on May 28th 2000. As donations to charities are involved, this can be forgiven!