Silverstone Meeting

The VSCC’s August Silverstone Meeting was a great occasion, with interesting aviation and motoring attractions. But the racing was the main part of it. The Hawthorn Memorial Trophy Race was won by Kenneth White’s Cooper-Bristol at 70.02mph, from Barrie Williams’ Connaught, which made fastest lap at 70.32mph. The Boulogne Trophy Race went to Charles Dean’s T51 Bugatti (68.42mph), with Barrie Baxter’s 4CM Maserati second and Gary Caroline (who took the Trophy) in his Morgan third. Harper’s Morgan lapped fastest (68.56mph) but lasted for only four of the 10 laps. Simon Baldwin won the Aston Martin race, the Fisken Team Handicap went to Coombes (Aston Martin) and the Hawthorn Spanish Trophy race (the pre-war cars sensibly run apart from the post-war ones) was a victory for Duncan Ricketts’ ERA E-type (67.18mph), beating Wildbolz’ (ERA R4A) and Bianchi’s Lago-Talbot. Bronson’s ERA AJM1 did best lap, at 68.99mph. The short scratch races went to Bronson’s Riley and Geraint Owen’s DH-Riley, the short handicaps to Black’s Delahaye and Butterworth’s Lagonda. The 1950 sportscars were led home by Linney’s Lister-Jaguar, at 62.05mph, Sadler’s Allard produced quickest lap, at 68.81mph. Don’t miss it next year!