F186 (1986)



There have been less successful Ferraris than the F186 (it did score podium finishes) but it was Maranello’s only turbo car to fail to win a race.

Stefan Johansson (left), one of its unlucky pedallers: “Neither myself nor Michele [Alboreto] had seen drawings of it before we saw it in the flesh when we went to Maranello for the seat fitting. We glanced at each other as if to say, ‘This doesn’t look good!’ It just didn’t look fast.

“There wasn’t one thing horrendously bad with it, just overall it was not a very good car. There was a lack of downforce, not very good traction — not the greatest car they ever produced. It was good enough to be in the points at most races, just about, and did finish fifth in the championship. But it was never a winner.” AC