Simon Taylor
Given the number of events Simon runs his ‘Stovebolt Special’ HWM in, we’re lucky he can fit in the odd trip to meet another motor sport name for one of his famous Lunches. But after sharing a sea bass with Johnny Herbert in Monaco, he flew to Scotland for another Lunch (wait till next month) and then to Reims to unleash the HWM on the same track where Stirling Moss raced it in 1950.

Paul Lawrence
For the majority of us, attending a historic event is a special occasion. For Paul it’s the day job. That means being on duty most weekends and grabbing the odd break during the week. Except when chasing Tour Britannia around the country, a five-day jaunt for the competitors but a tough task for a reporter – especially if he’s also taking the pictures…

Damien Smith
Strong-minded people, editors – and they stick to what they know. In Mr Smith’s case, that’s racing over rallying. Until this month, when he tried a rally first-hand… And he wasn’t even driving. One weekend on the pace notes was all it took to effect the most radical conversion since a traveller took the tourist route to Damascus 2000 years ago.

Chris Witty
Twenty-nine years ago, when Chris wrote about motor sport regularly, he decided he’d really rather be on the inside. He went first to Toleman Grand Prix, then helped co-ordinate Sir Richard Branson’s transatlantic powerboat sprint and the successful balloon flight. After working in Ford’s WRC programme he’s gone offshore again, as a powerboat series promoter and team manager.