India is 20th race in record calendar



The Indian Grand Prix has been given an October date in a 2011 Formula 1 calendar that includes a record 20 events.

As usual, the race is subject to the successful homologation of the Tilke-designed circuit in Delhi, although sources suggest construction is running ahead of schedule and there should be no repeat of the uncertainty that has surrounded the Korean race.

There are no other major changes from this year, so to fit in the extra race the season will end on November 27 in Brazil – the latest finish since 1963, when the South African GP took place on December 28. Abu Dhabi, host of the final race in 2009 and again this year, has given up that privilege, seemingly because it is geographically close to India and it makes sense to route the freight that way before going to Brazil.

The season features 11 races outside Europe, concluding with an unprecedented six ‘flyaway’ GPs over 10 weekends. Bernie Ecclestone has at least put Japan and Korea back-to-back, which is not the case this year.

Australia stands alone, as it did in 2006-07, rather than as a back-to-back race with Malaysia. The latter has instead been twinned with China. Spain and Monaco are again on consecutive weekends, which proved unpopular with teams this year.