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@Damien__Smith Good to read the BRDC has agreed a lease deal for industrial estate and land around circuit. Much-needed revenue...

@Damien__Smith ...Which I hope they spend on improving and updating spectator facilities. Silverstone is good, but it could be much better.

@Andrew_Frankel 458 Speciale: 600bhp, 9000rpm, 0-60 in 3.0sec, £200,000. Ferrari has an eye for good looking numbers.

@Andrew_Frankel Watching Ferrari manage its superstar signings is going to be fascinating. Who’s going to win? My money’s on Fernando Alonso, everyday of the week.

@matoxley Am writing something about Marquez. I’ve run out of superlatives. Anyone got any spare?

@TheEdFoster Who else thought that the grace and dignity Massa displayed in his ‘I’m leaving Ferrari’ statement will be sorely missed?

@Andrew_Frankel And so the motoring hacks biennial trudge to the Frankfurt show begins. 11.45 Lufthansa out of LHR eerily reminiscent of the school bus.

@TheEdFoster Looks like a few other people would like to see an #F1 car on the @iom_tt course.