Reeds all about it

Reading the recent correspondence about Roy Salvadori investigating the lake at Oulton Park, he wasn't the only driver at the 1962 Gold Cup Touring Car race to have a 'pool' car. Alan Hutcheson was having a storming race in the Barwell Motors Riley 1.5, dicing with John Love's Mini Cooper when he lost it at Knickerbrook on the final lap and somersaulted into the reeds to the outside of the bend. Alan was unhurt and did a perfect dive to dry land from the roof of the very secondhand-looking Riley. I was spectating with my father from a homemade stand and took the accompanying pictures on a Voigtlander Vito B 35mm rangefinder camera.

Going back to Roy Salvadori's accident, Chris Nixon in his Autosport race report was mystified why marshals rescued Roy through the back door and also pointed out how lucky he was. A few feet farther along, the lake went to a depth of 30 feet.

Mike Hayward, Shifnal, Shropshire