A 200mph Perrinn

Project chiefs confirm yet another change of direction

The Perrinn prototype programme has been through many guises over the past few years. First it was a straight, new-for-2014 LMP1 car. Then a fan-led and open-source prototype. Then that concept was dropped in favour of Formula 1. Then it was a non-hybrid LMP1 machine, which supposedly had two paying customers. Except the actual payment part failed to materialise.

Its most recent iteration is as an all-electric prototype using three Formula E motors. It will also have autonomous capabilities. A top speed of more than 220mph is predicted.

It will remain open-source, so all files, drawings and calculations will be in the public domain. Those behind the project hope that will increase development speed and help the car ‘remain at the cutting edge of technology and design’.

Elsewhere, the Panoz EV Le Mans project has been canned in favour of a road car programme with Green 4U.

This was confirmed shortly before company founder Don Panoz’s death in September.