1. J. A. Porter (249 New Gerrard), Edinburgh, 311. 27 in. 47 S. =59..2 m.p.h. ; 2. J. A. Forsythe (249 Diamond), Belfast, 3 h. 37 M. 31 S. ; L. T. Gridland (249 Gloucester, 3 h. 58 in. 17.2/5 S. (16 started, 3 finished). 350 C.C. RACE (205 miles).-I. F. Andrews (344 New Imperial), Belfast, 3 h. 26 in. 35 S. =59.54 m.p.h. ;

2. W. Andrews (344 New Imperial), Belfast, 3 h. 35 tn. 47 S. ; 3. T. Stewart (348 Cotton), Coleraine, 3 h. 47 12.2 /5 S. (14 started, 8 finished). 600 C.C. RACE, (205 miles).-I. J. Craig (490 Norton), Ballymena, 3 h. I m. 16 2/5 s..67.7 m.p.h. ; 2. C. A. R. Shillington (490 Norton), Belfast, 3 h. 23 in. 32 S. ;

3. J. Maxwell (490 Norton), Newtownards, 3 h. 23 in. 29 s. (18 started, 7 finished, I disqualified).

OVER 600 C.C. RACE (205 miles).–r. S. Woods (976 New Imperial), Dublin, 3 h. 33 ni. 45 2/5 S. =57.3 m.p.h. ; 2. R. Price (976 Coventry Eagle), Belfast, 4 h. 35 in. io s. (6 started, 2 finished). GRAND. PRIX SEALED HANDICAP.-I. J. Craig (490 Norton), 2 h. 56 in. 46 S. (allowance) 4 M. 30 S. ; 2. J. A. Forsythe (249 Diamond), 3 h. 2 in. 31 s. (allow ance) 50 in. o S. ; 3. J. A. Porter (249 New Gerrard), 3 h. 7 ni. 47 S. (allowance) 20 M. 0-S. ; 4. F. Andrews

(344 New Imperial), 3 h. 9 in. 25 s. (allowance) 17 in. s. ; 5. C. A. R. Shillington (490 Norton), 3 h. 9 in. 32 s. (allowance) 10 ni. S.

The outstanding rider of the day was J. Craig, who on his Norton covered the 205 miles course at 67.7 m.p.h., which is a record for a long distance road race in the ‘United Kingdom.

I.O.M. Amateur Races.

This annual event started tinder weather conditiors which boded ill for a successful day. An early improvement set in, however, some very fine racing was seen, and in the end, L. Randals on a 493 c.c. Sunbeam repeated the success of the previous year. The second, R. C. Brown, also rode a Sunbeam, but of 347 C.C. capacity and R. Edinundes on a 348 c.c. Chater-Lea ran into third place.

As an interesting item, it may be noted that R. 0. Lowe, who just missed coming in third, and was actually fourth, was over in the Island on his honeymoon, being married on the Tuesday, crossing on the Wednesday and racing on the Thursday.

The 200 Mile Solo Races.

One of the outstanding sporting events of the year is invariably the 200 Miles Races for Solo Machines, which took place this year at Brooklands in September. On this occasion the event was an unqualified success. The five races for machines of 250 c.c., 350 c.c., 500 c.c., 750 c.c. and i,000 c.c. were run concurrently with substantial intervals between the starts of each class. The 250 c.c. class got off at noon, the others following in order and after some thrilling, exciting and interesting racing, the results were as follows : 250 C.C. RACE.-I. H. M. Walters (246 Zenith-Jap), 3h. om. 30 s. =67.12 m.p.h. ; 2. S. M. Greening (246 Zenith-Jap), 3 h. loin. 55 s.=63.76 m.p.h.; 3. E. S. Prestwich (246 Zenith-Jap), 3 h. 13 in. 7 S. =62.72

350 C.C. RACE.-I. H. Le Vack (344 New ImperialJap), 2 h. 43 in. 7 S..74.33 m.p.h. ; 2. J. S. WOrterS (348 Toronda-Blackburne), 2 11. 45 Ui. 39 S.=73.13 m.p.h. ; 3. G. L. Werts (348 0.K.-Blackburne), 2 11. 53 in. 25 S. =69.85 M.p.h.

500 C.C. RACE.-I. Lieut R. T. Grogan, R.N. (490 Norton), 2 h. 31 in. 49 I /5 S. -79.81 m.p.h. ; 2. V. E. HOTSMall (495 Triumph), 2 h. 45 M. 28 3/5 S..73.24 m.p.h. ; 3. C. T. Ashby (488 Montgomery-jap), 3 h. 27 m. 7 S. =58.52 m.p.h.

750 C.C. RACE.-I. H. Glover (736 Douglas)., 2 h. 48111. 12 1/5 S. =72.07 m.p.h. ; 2. J. J. Hall (730 P. & P. Jap), 311. 19 m. 8 4 /5 s..–60.88 m.p.h. (none other finished).

1,000 C.C. RACE.-I. ‘1’. R. Allchin (996 Zenith-Jan) 2 h. 18 m. 48 s.=87.38 m.p.h. ; 2. F. A. Longman (989 Harley-Davidson), 2 h. 19 rn. 48 3/5 5. -?(). 62 m.p.h. ; 3. R. E. Humphries (989 Harley-Davidson), 2 h. 27 in. 27 4 /5 S. =82.18 m.p.h.

Many records were broken on this occasion, including that of class A for machines of 250 C.C. H. M. Walters on a 246 C.C. Zenith-Jap, created a new record for 200 miles in 2 h. 58 in. 44.68 secs. (67.14 m.p.h.) and for three hours in which he covered 201 Mile 735 yards. H. Le Vack set up a new record in class B (350 -c.c.) by covering 223 miles 61 yards in 3 hours, an average speed of 74.34 m.p.h., while in class C (500 c.c.) and class D (750 c.c.) Lieut. R. T. Grogan, R.N., on 490 c.c. Norton, set up a new record for 200 miles in 2 11. 30 in. 21.37 S. (79.81 m.p.h.). In class E (r,000 c.c.), T. R. Allchin

on a 996 C.C. Zenith-Jap set up records for 200 miles and two hours, covering the former in 2 h. 17 m. 29.91 S. (87.27 m.p.h.) and in the latter running 178 miles 22 yards (89.06 m.p.h.)

M.C.C. Sporting Trial.

This interesting event was to some extent marred at the outset by several incidents, which, however, fortunately proved to be of a temporary nature and were shortly overcome. There were objections on the part of some of the landlords over whose ground the trial was to be run : a policeman thought the opportunity to inspect licences one which was too good to be missed, while some ” wag ” had torn down several of the arrows indicating the course, and thus lost many competitors much valuable time.

The course started near Princes Risborough and led over the ridge of the Chilterns and back again, to finish at Stonor, which was reached via Alms Hill. In the afternoon, the same course was traversed in the reverse direction. The run was difficult right from the beginning, the start being made up a narrow grass-covered lane and continuing for a time practically through a sea of mud. There were few clean ascents of the first hill at Crowell.

Beacon Hill, too, after two or three competitors had passed, presented a surface which afforded no grip whatever, unless non-skid chains were fitted. The lunch stop was made at the Stonor Arms, and the time for the morning circuit was taken as the standard for the afternoon run, competitors being sent out at minute intervals in the order of their arrival. Ultimately, gold medals were awarded to J. R. Heath (1301 c.c. Henderson) and L. A. Welch (292 c.c. O.K.). Silver medals were awarded to L. E. Cherney (346 c.c. Rudge), C. J. Wheeler (495 c.c. Burneen), T. S. Sharratt (344 c.c. Coventry Eagle), H. W. Clark (348 c.c. Raleigh) and R. L. Richardson (976 c.c. Matchless).

The Doncaster Speed Trials.

These trials, which are organised by the Doncaster Motor Cycle Club, were run off on Sundall Road, on the edge of the famous Doncaster Race Course, before 3,500 spectators.

The Dunlop Trophy went to F. W. Dixon on a 998 C.C. Harley-Davidson (85.7 m.p.h.). The Doncaster Cup for the lastest time on any machine up to 350 c.c. went to J. A. Smith, on a 349 c.c. Cotton (77.5 m.p.h.). The Motor Manufacturers’ and Traders’ Prize, awarded to the fastest trade rider, went to L. Hawthorne on a 349 c c. Sheffield Henderson (76.26 m.p.h.). This rider actually tied four times with R. Gray on a 493 c.c. Sunbeam.

Racing on Southport Sands.

The last of this season’s races to be held by the Southport Motor Club, took place on Birkdale Sands on Saturday, September 27th, before 20,000 people. A splendid entry of 91 competitors had been received and the only other condition essential to success, fine weather, was also fortunately present.

Of the ten one-mile • races for solo motor cycles, E. Spencer obtained three firsts, besides making the fastest time of the day in the unlimited class.

The 50 mile race for 350 c.c., 500 c.c., and unlimited, attracted no fewer than 70 entrants. It was won by C. M. Needham in the unlimited class on a Brough Superior, G. L. Reynard coming in first amongst the 350 C.C. entrants, and T. Simister, on a Norton, in the 500 c.c. class.

E. Spencer won the 500 c.c. general straight race for combination machines, and H. F. Brockbank, on a Norton, won the 750 c.c. as well as the io mile sidecar race. Amongst the cars, Porter, on a Bentley, was successful in winning two events, the 3,000 c.c. mile sprint and the io mile race for cars of the same capacity, and in the 1,100 c.c. one mile sprint, Moss (Morgan) was first. In the 1,500 c.c. Bullough was first, also on a Morgan, and the 2,000 c.c. general was won by Upton on a Crouch. The unlimited mile race was won by G. Jackson, on a Sunbeam, and the unlimited, for amateurs, by Walsh, on a Riley.

The Boulogne Speed Trials and Hill Climb.

J. G. P. Thomas was the principal attraction to French and English spectators alike, although he was accompanied by many other British racing men with their cars. Eaton, on an Aston-Martin, was second in the speed trials for 1,500 c.c. touring cars. C. G. Coe won the event of the same order, but 4-litre 900 C.C. touring car class on his Vauxhall. J. A. Joyce brought off the 1,500 c.c. event (racing cars) in an A.C. and H. W. Cook took first place in that for racing cars of up to 3 litres (Vauxhall). Thomas won the speed event for racing cars of over 4 litres 900 c.c., and the Crotty Cup, for fastest time, also went to Thomas who, driving the Leyland-Thomas, attained the speed of 128 m.p.h. over three kilometres.

In the hill-climb, J. A. Joyce (A. C.) covered the halfkilometre course in 22 secs. H. W. Cook on a Vauxhall, in 22 secs. J. G. P. Thomas (Leyland-Thonas) 211 secs., and C. G. Coe (Vauxhall) 241 secs.

In the race for the Boillot Cup, which was run over atrocious surfaces for 300 miles, Leonard, driving a two-litre Chenard-Walcker, averaged 62.13 m.p.h. Of the two British entrants, Eaton, on an Aston-Martin, and Coe, on a Vauxhall-Wensum, the latter had a handicap of no less than one hour 22 mins. Eaton had bad luck in running short of fuel when a long way from any source of replenishment, while Coe ran a big-end out.

The Boulogne Grand Prix, as well as the Cup awarded by the Bulletin de l’ Automobile, were won by B. S. Marshall, driving a Bugatti. There were in the field two Morgans, three Senechals, two Aston-Martins, one Bugatti (Marshall’s), one La Licorne, one Delfour, and two Antonys. The winner’s time for the 232.21 miles was 4 hrs. 16 min. 12.2 secs., an average speed of 54.05 m.p.h. Senechal won the I,Ioo c.c. class, and Dar on a Morgan, the 500 c.c., the Morgan had a 500 c.c. single cylinder engine.