The Gallery for Gadgets. Some Aids for the Speed Man.

THEGallery during any Motor Show at Olympia, is the Mecca of the gadget hunter. There he can find anything from a split pin, mascot or sparking plug, to components sufficient to enable him to assemble a complete car. Indeed, it is held by many that there is much more of interest and more to be learned about the inside mechanism of a car on the gallery than can possibly be found on the grouhd floor, and it has to be admitted that there is some excuse for those who have this opinion.

One thing, at any rate, about the gallery, it is undeniable: the variety of the exhibits and their scope is such as to preclude a complete review, and for our part we are going to confine ourselves, on this occasion, to a few references of the outstanding ones.

ANDRE. Stand 486.

There will be few who will disagree with us in stating that it is fitting that we should commence our review of the gallery by reference to T. B. Andre & Co., Ltd., and Hartford Shock Absorbers, which are, of course, that concern’s principal line. The first thing the speed man has to think about is his suspension. If he can persuade the rear wheels of his car to stay on the ground at speed, half his troubles are over. There are few better aids to that than these shock absorbers, which, so far as cars are concerned, are made in six principal types, varying from Type 97, class C, which is a special singlearm model for light cars and cyclecars, and which costs

only a pair, or Pi a set, to Type 103 Duplex, which is specially designed for racing purposes and which is also suitable for large fast touring cars, and costs a pair. It is important to note that these prices include all necessary brackets and fittings ready for attachment to the cars, together with blue print, showing method of fitting and full instructions.