Poor Racing at Penultimate Meeting.

SOMEHOW one is always disappointed by the Championship races. The entry list is always good, and scratch races should always be better than handicaps, but somehow things always go wrong ; Jonathan does not turn up, Dudd bursts his engine in practice, and Simple is afraid De Crack is going fast enough to beat him, so prefers to watch the fun.

Whatever the causes, however, the 1926 Championships were marred by a paucity of starters, and, with one exception, of a complete lack of sensation. Most of the old hands pulled off expected wins, and in one race only the winner finished ; the usually dull 750 c.c. race for once proved the only event worth watching, Handley on a 750 c.c. twin Rex Acme taking the lead, followed by H. M. Walters (Zenith) and V. Horsman (Triumph), with C. S. Staniland (Norton) a bad fourth.. Horsman passed Walters and drew up on Handley, but to everyone’s amazement on the third lap Staniland took and rapidly increased a large lead with delightful ease, winning at 98 m.p.h. To complicate matters, Horsman fell back to fourth place. The only other incident of note was that G. W. Patchett, .976 c.c. McEvoy, shed another tyre tread (he shed two in the Hutchinson Hundred). Results :

CLASS A. 250 c.c. Solo.

1. J. S. Worters (Excelsior JAP). 81.77 m.p.h.

2. F. C. Millar (Zenith-Blackburne).

3. W. L. Handley (Rex Acme Blackburne).

CLASS B. 350 c.c. Solo.

1. W. D. Marchant (Chater Lea). 93.97 m.p.h.

2. J. S. Worters (Excelsior J.A.P.).

3. W. L. Handley (Rex Acme-Blackburne).

CLASS C. 500 c.c. Solo.

1. A. Denly (Norton. 95.59 m.p.h.

2. C. S. Staniland (Norton).

3. R. N. Judd (Douglas).

CLASS D. 750 c.c. Solo.

1. C. S. Staniland (Norton). 98.82 m.p.h.

2. W. L. Handley (Rex Acme).

3. H. M. Walters (Zenith).

CLASS E. 1,000 c.c. Solo.

1. J. S. Wright (Zenith J.A.P.). 102.06 m.p.h.

2. C. S. Staniland (588 c.c. Norton).

3. H. J. Knight (Zenith J.A.P.).

CLASS B/S. 350 c.c. Sidecar.

1. W. D. Marchant (Chater Lea). 77.93 m.p.h.

2. J. S. Wolters (Excelsior J.A.P.).

CLASS F. 600 c.c. Sidecar.


1. V. Horsman (Triumph). 81.24 m.p.h.

CLASS G. 1,000 c.c. Sidecar.

1. E. C. Baragwanath (Brough Superior). 85.43 m..p.h.

2. J. S. Wright (Zenith).

3. I. P. Riddock (Zenith).

In view of the general lack of serious competition in the various races it is not surprising that no records were broken during the afternoon.