SPORTING CARS FOR 1928- continued



SPORTING CARS FOR 1928—continued.

Alvis show a 12/50 four cylinder model, with overheap valves operated by push rods. The speed of the two seater approaches 80 m.p.h. The price is £535. There are also two seater and saloon bodies, including the Alvista fabric saloon at £595. A six cylinder model has been introduced in the 1928 range at 14 h.p., chassis price £500.

Austro-Daimler has an attractive programme with a 19/100 Alpine model, six cylinder with overhead camshaft. This engine in the short chassis gives 100 m.p.h. Provisional chassis price £1,150.

A 19.70 six cylinder is included in the range, 65 m.p.h., chassis £595. Alfa Romeo exhibit chassis 15/60 and 22-90 h.p. both six cylinders, priced at £550 and £725, with maximum speeds of 75 m.p.h. and 85-90 m.p.h. respectively.

Ballot present a 13/.60 2-litre chassis at £495, with overhead camshaft.

Bentley needs no introduction to the enthusiast. The 3-litre speed model will attract all, and is as before 4-cylinder o.h. camshaft, speed up to 95 m.p.h., priced at £925 for chassis. The 41 litre Bentley which made its debut at Le Mans is also shown.

A stand which will be the first stop of many will be the Bugatti. There is a very complete sporting range, including two litre eight cylinder, a 2i litre supercharged chassis and the Grand Prix models of four and eight cylinders with maximum speeds from 95 m.p.h. to 118 m.p.h. in the 2-litre Grand Prix model. The price of this latter is £1,100.

On the Darracq stand an interesting exhibit is the 20, 98 six cylinder. This chassis with Weymann saloon body is £895. There is a new 16 h.p’. 6-cylinder model, and the 12/40 four-cylinder Sports car. The prices are £615 and £495 respectively. Delage will naturally be a centre of attraction to sports

owners, principally the 21 h.p. six-cylinder with a road capability of 75-85 m.p.h. This chassis is priced 090, saloon at 010.

Frazer Nash cars this year are on exhibition at M.S.L.. in Hammersmith Road, opposite Olympia, where a range of direct appeal to the enthusiast is on show. This range includes long and short chassis editions of the super sports and Boulogne models.

The fast tourer (not supplied in short chassis) is priced at 090, super sports ;C340, Boulogne £410, Vitesse Boulogne f,495. There is a supercharged model of the 3-seater Boulogne at :465, and of the Vitesse at £565.

Special supercharged cars are built to order.

Hispano Suiza is again one of the most imposing stands in the show, offering a 45 h.p. six-cylinder model with a speed of over 100 m.p.h., chassis price E,1,950.

There is a 4 cylinder 15.9 h.p. Hotchkiss with a guaranteed maximum speed of 70 m.p.h. This chassis is priced as low as &400, with bodies as ordered.

A very majestic exhibit is the Isotta-Fraschini, with chassis of 45/100 eight cylinder engine. This engine developes 150 h.p. at 2,800 r.p.m. The super sports model attains 115 m.p.h. Prices : sports chassis 11850 ; super sports 0,950.

Lea-Francis present, in addition to their 12/40 h.p. four cylinder chassis at 025, a supercharged 1500 c.c., at pt95. A six cylinder 14 h.p. model is also available.

The Grand Prix Salmson 10/20 h.p. four cylinder is priced at 015 for the chassis. There is also a 2-seater de luxe sports at £175.

The 3-litre Sunbeam continues unchanged.

There is an interesting display by the Gallay Radiator Co. Ltd., who present a new supercharger known as the Cozette, whose carburetters are well known on the continent. This supercharger is on view for the first time in this country.