WORLD tours by car have nowadays rather lost their novelty ; but lately comes news of one which is “different.” In attempting to cross Europe. Asia and ultimately America in a little M.G. Midget, Captain Hay and Mr. Wolveridge will not merely demonstrate the practical utility of a small British car in countries where even ” colonial ” roads are non-existent. They will also prove how comparatively easy it is to secure essential supplies of oil and fuel in the most outlandish places.

Unlike so many of those fitted out for these roundthe-world expeditions, this particular car has no special provision for carrying extra fuel. The tank—and indeed the whole car—is absolutely standard. In effect this will mean that the car can never be more than about 200 miles from a supply depot unless supplies are carried on board.

Supplies, however, will be readily available throughout the tour, thanks to the world-wide ramification of the Shell group which has organised a chain of petrol and oil dumps along the entire route.

Captain Hay and Mr. Wolveridge left London some weeks ago, and will make for India, China and New York via San Francisco.

Their itinerary through Belgium, Germany and Austria sounds familiar enough. But once Buda-Pesth has been left behind the mere name of the towns and villages through which they will pass would strike terror into all but the stoutest hearts. Puspokladany and Hajduszobosslo are two splendid Hungarian examples. Biharkeresztes is shared by Hungary and Roumania which, however, contributes a tremendous mouthful in Orea Mare Nagyvrad.