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Telephone: Regent 1937.

Gerrard 3436.

: Agreynol, Picey, London.

Rates (prepaid) i/per line (minimum 3 lines).

CLOSING DNIE first post on the 23rd of the month, for publication on the 1st of the following month. NEW CARS FOR SALE LAGONDA

r AGONDA, Huskinson 8z Vane, Ltd. Grosvenor Li 3016.

SPECIAL Lagonda Agents for West End. Trial runs at any time. Deferred Terms and your present car taken in part exchange.—Huskinson & Pane, Ltd., 11, Curzon St., W.I.


[.G.—Huskinson & Vane, Ltd. Grosvenor 3016. UTHORISED M.G. AGENTS. Trial runs LIarranged at any time. Earliest delivery of all models, including New Mark II. 6-cylinder.—H. & P.,


ceilent condition, small mileage, fitted with Vanden Phis sports fabric body, cost J;1,050, now offered at the exceptional price of £500. Modern Cars, Ltd., Specialists in Quick Motors, 196, Gt. Portland St., ‘W.I. Museum 2947-8.

1. -LITRE Specially Tuned Supercharged Twin 12 Camshaft .alfa Romeo, 1929, winner 1929 Double Twelve, low mileage, in perfect naming order ; any trial ; I:650.–R. S. Outlaw, Admirals House Garage, The Grove, Hampstead. Hampstead 6964. ALVIS

A” is Late 1924 Super Sports Aluminium 2seater (new hood), just overhauled at cost of 00, 4 new balloon tyres, perfect, taxed ; Sussex Motors, Durwood Mews, Edgware Rd., W. Paddington 5896. AUSTIN A tisTiN 7 lisp. Supercharged 1930 model, with EX full makers’ equipment. Mileage under 3,000. This car is specially tuned and Is capable of a track speed of 90/95 m.p.h. Price 200 gns. For full particulars, view or trial, svrite B. Cooke, c/o “Boden,” Grimes Hill, Warwickshire. • SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS (continued) BENTLEY • 1-1,IT R IF, BENTLEY, drop head coupe, whole car

has been thoroughly overhauled from engine to back axle, very fast, new tyres, entire car in remarkable condition. 150 guineas. Modern Cars, Specialists in Quick Motors, Gt. Portland St., W.1. Museum 2.947/8.

S.125I 922 11F. NT .1.: V 3-litre short-chassis *• sports Cunard 4-seater body, with 2 spare wheels at rear, taxed, in very exceptional condition throughout. Paul and Co., 114, Gt. Portland St. Museum 4117.

1925 Model 3-litre sports 4-Seater, finished black and red, .025. (1,,,)Q, Model 3-litre sports 1.seater, finished

” •`•,( 11rMial Una 1,lck,S:t lc curtains, very smart, 1.,675. (10 M.Ricl 4l litre attractive 4-door Vey mann

• -/ saloon, finished black, Triplex glass, luggaise grid and numerous accessories, t900.

TACK WITHERS AND Co., -14, osaaburgh St., °-/ N.W. . (opposite G I. Portia lid St. Station). ‘Phones, Museum 8620-1, 6595 and 0500. 1 () *-) 3-lit rt Bentley Spoil Model, _-sealer body,

A”,•) vi1 It modern lines, grey, taxed, a good looking high grade sports car, in excellent condition ; cheap at the price, (.140. Hicks and Romer, Ltd., Kingsley Garage, Stan more. Open Sundays. Phone, 110. BUGATTI

1929 Straight ,8 supercharged ByGATTI 4seater, 125 m.p.h., £400. Sinclair Automobiles, Ltd., 164, Fulham Palace Rd., W.6. Fut. 1916.

BARTLETT for guaranteed sports cars.

UGATTI, 1928, 100 m.p.h., 2-litre Grand Prix, 0265.

BUGATTI, 2-litre roller-bearing Grand Prix. £195. BUGATTI, 1928, 11.9 super-sports 2-stater, £145. .B UGATTI, 1927, type 40 2-seater, £125.

1 ARGEST stock of sports ears in Great Britain. LA Open Sunday morning: 27a, Pembridge Nottiag Hill Gate.

DELAGE. i.7 5 / 1.0 6-cylinder DELAGE. very attrae

• tive 2-seater semi-sports body, black and red, recently overhauled by Delage, paintwork as new, all new tyres, any trial. Cvhitticks . Automobiles, 64, High St., Wimbledon, S.W.19, Telephone, Wimbledon 1531.


-UIRAZER NASH cars. Falcon Works, London Rd., Isleworth (Hounslow 3172) always have for disposal reconditioned and guaranteed cars, fitted with new tyres and F.W.B. prices from f.125. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS

(continued). • FRAZER NASH

19;)9 Super sports low chassis 3-seater, ditioned 4-speed model, price !:275.

1 9′)6 Special fabric 4-seater, inside gear and _ brake levers, touring body on sports chassis, price 6165.

1,26 Super-sports 3-seater, rear petrol tank, engine completely overhauled, price 1,125 . 192.5 . 3-scaler, price blue, complete’

FRAZER NASH CARS, Falcon Works, London Rd.. Islcworth (Hounslow 3172), offer for sale or exelianee the above guaranteed cars, all fitted with f.w.b. ( 0,7 Ans.-.4usti Sports Aluminium 2 Is • seater Frazer Nash, bodywork excellent,

mechanical condition sound, 60 Ai second, 75 in top. —Schneider Automobiles, 138, Long Acre.

HISPANO SUIZA. GISINEAS4 special $7 h.p. Ilispano Suiza 3..1 with magnificent and handsome boat shaped body, F.W.B. 2 :spare wheels, Stevenson jack. Ace disc wheels, sunken dickey. exceptionally fast. Messrs. Modern Cars, Ltd., Specialists in Quick Motors, Great Portland SC, W. I. Museum 2947/8,

ISOTTA-FRASCHINI. QPECIAL sports speed model (Coppa: Delle Alpi)

ISOTTA-FRASCHINI in remarkable condition, taxed, new tyres, extremely quick, -195 guineas. -Modern Cars, Ltd., Specialists in Quick Motors, 196 Gt, Portland St., W.I. Museum 2947-8.

LANCIA LAMBDA. 1.)-7,.; 16-11.p. LAN’CIA LAMBDA, with 1929

*41 ” engine, 4-seater torpedo body, mechanical condition, absolutely perfect, any examination, and any trial, no offers. Jeflery, 15 Ebury Bridge S.W.1. Sloane 6238. MAYBACH-MERCEDES

vOB. Sale. Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang fitted with -I-‘ sporting four seater body. Once the property of the late Count Zborowski. Tyres, chains, etc., as new. Completely overhauled this Summer. Price aud all particulars from Box No. 15, MOTOR SPORT, 34 Duke Street, St. James’s, Loudon, S.W.1. MERCEDES i950—Mercedes 36-22o 1929 series S J type sports tourer, new condition, looked after by an expert, guaranteed speed 112 miles per hour. coat £2,400, considerable number of extras, total mileage approximately 8,000. —Thorns, 19-24 Great Portland St., Oxford’ Circus end. Laugh= •

3966. G0111)oN WATNIN and Co,, Ltd.,

QOLE London Wholesale Distributors for Mercedes 0,-) Cars.

:3 6 220 “. Type S. Sports Tourer ; f1,150.

A BOVE Car Carries Official Gordon Watley Guarantee.-31, Brook St., Bond St., WA. Tel. : Mayfair 0267-8-9.

M.G. 1 99, (October) 14-40 sports 2-seater, red and J.sal aluminium, small mileage, -perfect order, year

‘s tax, 85, Schneider Automobiles, 138, 1.0116 ‘Acre. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS (continued) PANHARD

19 24 28 h.p. .super-sports Panhard. 4-seatr skiff body in very nice condition through out, very fast car at the low price of 75 Bear Hotel, HenleY-on-Thames. Henley 111. SALMSON 1998 10 h.p. Salmson Special Racing charged 2-seater, fitted with good weather equipment, 100 m.p.h. car; cost over my price -(175.-A. Rix, 153, Euston Rd. (between Euston and St. Panerasl, MAISCA11/1 1618 SCHNEIDER

tonneau cover, guaranteed in perfect biles (England), Ltd., 138, Long Acre, London, Will do 75 m.p.h. Price £125. Schneider AutomoW.C.2. Temple Bar 3322. 1927 13-55 sports Schneider. 4-seater, until end of the year. 2 spare VAUXHALL Q VAUXHALL, 4-seater, fabric covered 3u/0 L., sports body Vanden Pla.s type, 2 spare wheels. Thoroughly overhauled by highly efficient mechanics previous to the Brooklands meeting on Saturday, the 20th September, where this car, driven by Mr. Daybell, won its race at 971 m.p.h., its fastest lap speed being 107 M.p.h. The car is now for sale,

price 050. Modern Cars, Specialists in -k Motors, Great Portland St., W.I. Museum 2.9 s. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS (continued). VAUXHALL 30-98 VAUXHALL, tuned for high speeds by highly efficient mechanics, always large selection of these cars in stock. Messrs. Modern Cars,

Ltd., 196, Great Portland Street, W.I. Museum 2947-8.

30 MODERN’ CARS, LTD., the largest stock of 30/98 Vauxhalls in Great Britain. 196-198, Great Portland Street, W. I. Museum 2947. -98 H.P. VAUXHALL. Modern Cars, Ltd., Buy for cash. 30_, Q VAUXHALLS always in stock. Imme

diate delivery. Messrs. Modern Cars, Ltd., 196, Gt. Portland St., W.1 Museum 2947. PISTONS MARTLET High Efficiency Pistons for Racing

and Sports Engines, oversize, high compression, special headshapes, etc.-BroOklands Engineering Co., I,td., Brooklands Track. ‘Phone: Wey bridge -189.


BuLvs. ‘Phone, Temple Bar 1747. ‘Grams, ” Bulrublim, Westrand.” Value Economy ! ! Service! ! ! L. J. Bull (Director), connected with the trade since 1895. Tyres carriage paid against remittance or c.o.d. first passenger train. Fitted free in 5 minutes. You want the best tyres ! We have them India, Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Avon, Davies, etc., etc. London distributors for the internationally famous Seiberling Super mileage tyres. Bull’s tyres are ” real” value.-Bull’s Rubber Co. Ltd., 3, Upper Saint Martin’s Lane, London, W.C.2.


72 hot up all cars. Austin 7’s a speciality. Boyd, V Carpenter N Co., Ltd., 47, West End Lane, N.W. Maidavale 4977. HIGH efficiency tuning on 30-98 Vauxhalls, for

hill-climbing, road and track racing, and . competition work undertaken by specialists and highly skilled mechanics. Apply Messrs. Modern Cars Ltd., 196, Great Portland Street, W. . Museum 2947-8.