Pine wins after very gallant ride.

APTER the unpleasant conditions which prevailed during the practice week, the weather on the day of the Junior Grand Prix race was very welcome. The roads were dry, visibility good all round the course, while light clouds prevented the softening of the road surfacing which sometimes proves treacherous to the rider of a two-wheeler.

Forty-one starters.

Forty-seven riders had entered in the Junior event, but six were nonstarters. Pine, who had crashed in practice, refused to join this party and after showing recovery (or partial recovery) very definitely by lapping on Monday at 69 m.p.h., was ready with the rest, his face bandaged to protect the injuries which he had received in the week before.

At 9.45 the riders rode up and took their places, and at 10 a.m. J. M. Muir was given the signal to start. Muir (a member of the Cambridge University Team), was much fancied, as he had made the fastest lap in 1930, and had shown up well in practices. He was followed in .half a minute by H. Adcock, and these two began to appear on the clocks in rapid succession. A slacker period followed until the departure of Pine, last year’s winner, who could be relied upon to put up a good show, though no one knew to what extent his injuries would handicap him in the course of a long and arduous road race. Quarter Bridge, as will be seen later, caused a good deal of trouble this year ; one can only attribute it to lack of familiarity. The first arrival at Governor’s Bridge was J. M. Muir, though he had had trouble on the Mountain with his gearbox and retired at the Start. Adcock hit the bridge and broke a chain, so was also out of the race. Next came ..Mtmks (Velocette), followed by Pine on a similar machine. He appeared quite happy, and gave the O.K. signal as he passed the pits. Other men who had picked up

places were Newman, who appeared 4th at the Bridge, and Carr, who was 6th, the latter evidently running on “dope.” The hairpin was dry and in good condition, but most riders took it cautiously, several of them wide and nnsteady. Wheller came off, and S. Plevin footed and stopped. The late starters then began to come in, A. L. Hodgson and Lea both on Velocettes appearing 15th and 17th. By this time people were wondering what had happened to W. A. Harding, a Manx rider who had distinguished himself in practices, besides finishing 2nd last year. It appeared that he was delayed by plug trouble. Then lap times arrived, and it was seen that Velocettes occupied the first four places.

FIRST LAP. 1. -E. N. 32m.

1. -E. N. Lea 32m. 20s. 70.04 m.p.h.

2. A. L. Hodgson (Velocette), 32m. 25s. 69.85 m.p.h.

3. H. E. Newman (Velocette), 32m. 47s. 69.07 m.p.h.

4. D. S. Pine (Velocette), 32m. 57s. 68.93 m.p.h.

5. S. H. Can (New Imperial), 33m. 5s. 68.44 m.p.h.

6. A. Minks (Velocette), 33m. 42s. 67.19 m.p.h.

With speeds like these anything might happen, and only a steady man with a fast machine and good luck could expect to last. Minks was first at Signpost, but his motor sounded woolly ; he retired at the pits with clutch trouble, and the first man past the stands was Pine, who set up a record lap of 32 mins. 40 secs., first lap speeds not counting for this as they are not over the full distance. E. N. Lea dropped from the lead through his magneto coming loose and Hodgson slipped into first place, Pine moving up into his position.


1. A. L. Hodgson (Velocette), lh. 4m. 19s. 70.41 m.p.h.

2. D. S. Pine (Velocette), lh. 5m. 31s. 69.12 m.p.h.

3. H. E. Newman (Velocette), 1h. 5m. 43s. 68.9 m.p.h.

4. S. H. Can (New Imperial), lh. 6m. 12s. 68.41 m.p.h.

5. J. F. Clay (Velocette), lh. 6m. 30s. 68.1 m.p.h.

6. A. Minks (Velocette), lb. 7m. 26s. 67.16 m.p.h.

The third circuit saw Pine in the lead, lapping at over 69 m.p.h. He was reported from all points as being steady and fast.

A. L. Hodgson’s indicator slowed down after Kirkmic.hael, .a.nd he.was later reported to have retired with engine trouble. Carr was fast and steady and evidently holding his place, while Hartley (Rudge) now moved up to fourth place.


1. D. J. Pine (Velocette), lh. 37m. 19s. 69.45 m.p.h.

2. H. E. Newman (Velocette), lh. 38m. 42s. 68.38 m.p.h.

3. S. H. Carr (New Imperial), lh. 40m. 42s. 67.46 m.p.h.

4. H. Hartley (Rudge), lh. 41m. 44s. 66.77 m.p.h.

5. H. Widdall (Rudge), lh. 42m. 4s. 66.56 m.p.h.

6. R. Harris (Norton), lh. 42m. 36s. 66.21 m.p.h.

Quarter Bridge crashes.

Another of the leaders was soon to go, for on his fourth circuit Newman took Quarter Bridge at a great pace, got on to the adverse camber, and came off heavily, sliding for some distance along the road, fortunately without serious injury. Cann, who was following, had some sickening wobbles on a patch of fuel which had been spilt on the road. J. H. White also came to grief, for descending the hill at a high speed he locked his back wheel, and unable to turn’, crashed into the wall of the bridge, and almost wiped out a pressman who was standing there.

Harris also came off, but was soon away again.


1. D. J. Pirie (Velocette), 211. 10m. 8s. 69.60 m.p.h.

2. J. H. Carr (New Imperial), 2h. 13m. 15s. 67.98 m.p.h.

3. H. Hartley (Rudge), 2h. 15m. Is. 67.12 M.p.h.

4. H. Widdall (Rudge), 2h. 16m. 52s. 66.18 m.p.h.

5. Morris Cann (Velocette), 2h. 18m. 57s. 65.18 m.p.h.

6. J. McLean Leslie (Rudge), 2h. 18m. 59s. 65.17 m.p.h.

By this _time 23 out of the .41 starters were hors de combat and ‘long intervals separated the• riders. The leaders all maintained their speeds with very slight vari4tions, a feature Which always distinguishes the experienced men. The only change of place was caused by the retirement at the Hairpin of Cann, who had been going well up to then.

Firm LAP.

1. D. J. Pine (Velocette), 2h. 42m. 49s. 69.53 m.p.h.

2. J. H. Carr (New Imperial), 2h. 47m. 13s. 67.71 m.p.h..

3. H. Hartley (Rudge), 2h. 48m. -41s. 67.13 m.p.h.

4. H. Widdall (Rudge), 2h. 50m. 26s. 66.43 m.p.h.

5. J. McLean Leslie (Rudge), 2h. -53m. 50s. 65.13 m.p.h.

6. R. Harris (Norton), 2h. 56m. 19s. 64.21 m.p.h. From the spectators’ point of view, nothing outstanding occurred in the last lap. The achievement lay in the performance of men and machines, in completing the last lap of a most gruelling road circuit at continually increasing .speed. Pine’s pointer moved steadily and at about 1.30 p.m. he appeared, his machine running perfectly, and crossed the line, the winner by over 4 minutes. His was a most magnificent ride, even with

out taking into account the injuries from which he was suffering, and his collapse after the finish showed the immense self-control which had ‘enabled him to finish under such conditions.


1. D. J Pine (Velocette), 3h. 15m. 13s. -(69.59 m.p.h.).

2. J. H. Can (New Imperial), 3h. 19m. 57s. (67.98 m.p.h.).

3. H. Hartley (Rudge), 3h. 21m. 51s. (67.31 m.p.h.). 4. Widdall (Rudge), 3h. 23m. 49s. (66.66 m.p.h) 5. J. A. McLean Leslie (Rudge), 3h. 28m. 57s. (65.02 m.p.h.),

6. R. Harris *(Norton), 3h. 31m. 18s. (64.29 m.p.h.).

7. E. Forman (Velocette), 31i. 32m. 33s. (63.92 m.p.h.).

8. R. S. 1VToorhouse (Norton), 3h. 32m. 53s. (

9. S. J. Emery (Velocette), 3h. 33m. 16s. 10. T. S. Warburton (New Imp.), 3h. 34s. 24s. Finishers :

11. E. N. Lea (Velocette), 3h. 35m. 46s.

12. D. P. J. Whittingham (A. J.S.), 3h. 37m. 52s.

13. H. C. W. Dresser (Levis), 3h. 38m. 27s. .

14. R. Shiers (Sunbeam), 3h. 52m. 42s.