SPORTS CARS FOR 1933 A Brief Summary of the Principal Sports Cars on the Market in this Country.




A Brief Summary of the Principal Sports Cars on the Market in this Country.


The MON’,” Exhibition at Olympia will be held this year from October 13th to 22nd. A dn4ssion will be 5s. on the opening day, and on every day except Fridays and Saturdays, When the charge will be 2s. 6d. On 5s. days, however, the price of admission will be lowered at 6 o’clock in the evening to 2s. 6d.

In this article we give brief details of 1933 sports models, Some of which have already been tested by ” Motor Sport,” but in forthcoming issues full descriptions and road tests will be published of many others.


Alfa Romeo British Sales, Ltd., Baker Street, London, W.1.

No details are available from the concessionaires as to the Alfa Romeo programme for 1933.


Alvis Car and Eng. Co., Ltd., Coventry.

” 12/50 ” and ” 12/60″ : 4 cyl., 69 x 110 mm., 1,645 c.c., 11.9 h.p.

” Firefly ” : 4 cyl., 69 x 100 nun., 1,496 c.c., 11.9 h.p. ” 16.95 Silver Eagle ” : 6 cyl., 67.5 x 100 mm., 2,148 c.c., 16.95 h.p.

“20 h.p. Silver Eagle”: : 6 cyl., 73. x 100 mm, 2,511 c.c., 10.82 h.p.

” Speed Twenty ” : 6 cyl., 73 x 100 mm., 2,511 c.c., 19.82 h.p.

Stand No. 56.-Exhibits: “Speed Twenty” chassis, 4-seater ai3d saloon : ” Firefly ” chassis, saloon coupe and 4-seater : and ” Silver Eagle ” models.

The 12/50 and 12/60 models remain unaltered for 1933, the chief features of the car being the push rod o.h.v. engine, with 3-bearing crankshaft and aluminium alloy pistons, coil ignition, single plate clutch, four speed gear box, right-hand change, open propellor shaft, and semielliptic springs front and rear. The tank capacity is 10 gallons, wheelbase 9ft. 4ins. and track 4ft. 2ins. The 12/60 sports model differs from the 12/50 in having a higher compression ratio, two carburettors, close ratio gear box and special rear springs. An entirely new model, the ” Firefly ” has been introduced, the principal features of which are as follows : 11.9 h.p. 4 cylinder engine, 1,496 c.c. 3-bearing crankshaft, connecting rods with special antifriction bearings die cast into position, aluminium alloy pistons, Duplex chain driven camshaft and auxiliary drives, lubrication by rotary geared pump, coil ignition, single plate clutch, 4 speed gear box with central change and silent third gear, tubular cordon shaft, full floating rear axle, 14in, brake drums, semielliptic springs all round, mulerslung at rear, dropped frame, 14,5 gallon rear tank, 9′ 10i” wheelbase, 4′ 6″ track. The whole car is built on the lines of the “Speed Twenty” and is very attractive in appearance. A fuller description and road test, of this interesting car will appear in a forthcoming issue of Murroa


The ” Silver Eagle” 16.95 h.p. and 19.28 h.p. models are high grade luxury cars, intended for comfort and quietness rather than speed, although their performance, in view of the weight of the bodies, is remarkable.

The ” Speed Twenty” has found to be so popular that it is being continued for 1933 absolutely unchanged, a great tribute to the forethought given to its initial design. The engine is a 6 cyl. of 2,511 c.c., with push rod operated o,h. valves, giving a very high performance to the car on the road, and a maximum speed of over 90 m.p.h. A full road test of this car appeared in our issue of June last.


” 12/50 ” and ” 12/60 ” : 2 seater £450; Coupe, £435; Saloon, £495.

” Firefly ” : Open 4 seater, £475; Coupe £475.

” 36.95″ and ‘ 20.98 ” “Silver Eagle ” : Saloon £695 and £775.

“Speed Twenty “: Open 4 seater £695, Saloon £825.


Aston Martin, Ltd., Feltham, Middlesex. 4 eyls., 69 x 99 mm., 1,493 c.c., 11.9 h.p.

Stand No. 64. Exhibits : International 4 seater, Le Maus 2 seater, and Saloon.

No alterations are announced by Aston Martin Ltd., in their 1933 models. There are three types of the same chassis, the International 4-seater, the Le Mans 2seater, and the saloon. The specification in all cases is fundamentally the same, namely, a four cylinder engine with chain driven overhead camshaft, a Nitralloy crankshaft carried in 3 bearings, 2 S. U. carburettors, and lubrication assisted by a scavenger pump, in addition to the normal pump, which carries the oil to a tank carried between the dumb irons ; single plate dry disc clutch, 4 speed gear box, 2nd and 3rd gears being in constant mesh, open propellor shaft, bevel axle, and frame braced by six cross members.

On the International four seater, a road test of which appeared in our August issue, the gear ratios are 4.66, 6.43, 10.48 and 16.31 to I. On the saloon they are 5.1, 7.03, 11.47 and 17.85 to 1. On the Le Mans model, they are 4.66, 5.93, 8.74 and 14.02 to 1, and other modifications to the type are a new cylinder head, a lowered radiator, and a general use of Elektron instead of Aluminium wherever possible.

PRICES. International 4 seater, £475. Le Mans 2 seater, £595. Saloon, £595.


Ettore Bugatti Automobiles, 1/3, Brixton Road, London, S.W.9.

Type 49: 8 cyl., 3.3 litre.

Type 46 : 8 cyl., 5 litre.

Type 46: 8 cyl., 5 litre supercharged.

Type 50: 8 cyl., 4,900 litre supercharged.

Type 55: 8 cyl., 2,300 .itre supercharged. Type 51: 8 cyl., 2,300 litre supercharged Grand Prix. Type 54 : 8 cyl., 4,900 litre supercharged Grand Prix. Stand No. 49. Exhibits : Bugatti ” Royal ” chassis (” Golden Bug “) fitted with saloon body by

Kellner, of Paris, and Type 55 2 seater sports.

One new model is announced by F;ttore Bugatti for 1933, the 3.3 litre, which has a single camshaft engine reminiscent of the old 3 litre car. This model is intended for fast touring work, combining flexibility with speed, and is suitable for closed coachwork. The remainder of the range consists of the 2.3, 4.9 and 5 litre cars which are already well known. A road test of the Type 55 2 seater, which appears on the stand at the Show, was published in our July issue. The racing edition of this car, the type 51, together with the racing edition of the 4.9 cars, are the machines raced officially by the firtrl this year, and also by Earl Howe.

The” Royal” chassis, more commonly known as the ” Golden Bugatti, is only made to special order, and does not therefore appear on the firm’s list. It has a 10 litre 8 cylinder engine, rated at 77.4 h.p. and is capable of 90 m.p.h. in second gear. The price is £6,500.

Prices of the other models are not yet available.


Crossley Motors Ltd., Gorton, Manchester.

10 h.p. : 4 cyl., 62.3 x 90 mm„ 1,097 c.c., 9.6. h.p. Stand. No. 30. Exhibits : Seven models, including Super sports, 2 seater and saloon. After a year of experimental work by Mr. Vernon Balls, the Crossley Super Sports 2 seater is now listed for 1933 at the price of £350. The 4 cylinder engine has 2 overhead inlet valves operated by push rods, and side exhaust valves, a 3 bearing crankshaft, 3 bearing camshaft, two carburettors, one at front and one at rear of engine, and coil ignition. A single plate clutch is used, and a 4 speed ” twin-top ” gearbox giving the following ratios, 5.33, 7.25, 12.52 and 20.15 to 1, and a central change gear lever. The frame passes over the front and beneath the rear axle, and is braced by 3 cross

members. The springs are long semielliptics, underslung at the rear. The wheelbase for the 2 seater is 8′ and the track 4′ 1″, and for the saloon 9′ and 4′ 1″. The 2 seater super sports model has a

well Inished low body of sporting design, with two doors, semi cycle-type wings, iclding windscreen, disappearing hood, pneumatic upholstery, spare wheel housed in locker at rear, with room for light luggage, and chromium plated fittings. ‘1 he saloon has a 4 door body, of first class finish, incorporating many of the features, such as spare wheel mounting, of the 2 seater, and both models will be capable of about 80 m.p.h.


Super Sports, 2 seater, £350. Super Sports saloon, £388.


Fiat (England), Ltd., Western Avenue, London, W.3. 20/60 Sports. 6 cyl. 72 mm. x 103 mm., 2,516 c.c., 19.3 h.p.

Stand No. 26.

Attractive short four-seater open, and pillarless saloon bodies are available on the new lowered chassis. Modifications to engine allow speeds around 90 m.p.h. to be attained. See article on page 582.


20 60 Sports. Open car £585. Saloon £645.


A.F.N. Ltd., London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.

Main engine type : 4 cyl., 69 x 100 mm., 1,496 c.c., o.h.v., 11.9 h.p.

This engine can be supplied with either one or two carburettors, as in the case of the 12/45 ” Exeter ” short chassis, and the 12/50 ” Colmore ” Long chassis ; or it can be specially tuned to owners requirements as in the T.T. Replica model ; or it can be fitted with a Powerplus supercharger, as in the Nurburg model.

The Frazer Nash car is unlike any other sports car made today, in that owners’ individual requirements can be met to a degree impossible in other makes. This is largely due to the chain-drive transmission, which permits of a wide range of gear ratios without heavy expense. Incidentally, 3 speeds are normally provided on the ” Cohnore ” and “Exeter,” £20 extra being charged for 4 speeds. As stated above the engine for all models is fundamentally the same, namely a push rod operated overhead valve 4-cylinder of 1,496 c.c. capacity, and any degree of tune can be selected, from the single carburettor model, which develops 45 h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. ; the 2 carburettor model, which develops 50 h.p. at 4,000

r.p.m. ; the normal T.T. Replica model, developing 60 h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. ; to the supercharged Nurburg model, which develops 105 h.p. at 4,500 r.p.m.

The bodywork on all models is beautifully proportioned, and is coachbuilt in all cases. The ” Exeter” is a 2/3 seater, with a wheel base of 8′ 6k” and overall length of 12′, the Colmorc is a 3/4 seater, wheelbase 8′ 6″, and 11′ 6″ overall length, the T.T. Replica a 2 seater, wheelbase 8′ 6″ and overall length 11′ 6″, and the ” Nurburg ” a 2 seater, 8′ 61,” wheelbase and 12′ 3i” overall length.

To amplify still further the maker’s claims of meeting individual requirements, any combination of engine and body can be supplied, giving an extraordinarily wide range of models.


” Exeter ” : 2/3 seater, £399. ” Colmore ” : 3/4 seater, £499.

” T.T. Replica” : 2 seater, from £445.

” Nurburg ” : 2 seater, from £650.


Invitta Cars, The Fairmile, Cobham, Surrey.

12/45, 12/90 and 12/100 h.p. : 6 cyl., 57 x 97.9 mm., 1,497.9 c.c., 12 11.p.

14/120 h.p. : same design, but slightly larger, giving 14 11.p. engine. 41 litre : 6 cyl., 88.6 x 120 mm., 4,467 c.c., 29.12

5 litre : Special sports, details on applieltion.

Stand No. -65. Exhibits : 12/45 h.p. Chassisand Saloon ; 1 2/./0 (supercharged), Special de luxe Saloon and open 4 seater ; 12/100 h.p. (supercharged), open 4 seater and 4i litre sports chassis.

The Invicta programme for 1933 is of extraordinary interest. TO b:tgin with there is the new superchargA 12/9D model, a road test of which appears in this issue. The 12.’45 hip. car is a smooth, flexible, touring car, but the addition of the Powerplus blower in the 1290 model gives the performance a s,)arkle of ultra sporting type, without sacridcing the more gentle attributes of the car.

The 12/100 h.p. model represents automobile design in its Most modern form, and the engine is fitted with a double overhead camshaft and blower. In addition, hydraulic brakes and a Wilson pre-selective 4 speed gear box bring the car into line with the most advanced practice.

The 5 litre supercharged sports model follows similar lines, except that a 5 speed Wilson gear box will be used, giving the car a terrific maximum speed on Continental Straight “legs.” Both these cars are a direct answer to Continental competition in the expensive super sports market, and should worthily uphold British prestige.

Finally, the 4i litre sports car remains unchanged, together with the Type ” A ” luxury cars.


12/45 h.p. : 4 seater, £399; Saloon £435.

12/90 h.p. : 4 seater, £498; Saloon, £535; de luxe £575. 12/100 and 14/120 : Chassis, £645; 4 seater,


41 litre : Type” A “Saloon, £795.

4/ litre : Sports Chassis, £750; 4 seater £875. 5 litre : Special Sports Chassis. Price on application


British Mercedes-Benz, Ltd., 111, Grosvenor Road, London, S.W.1.

“38/250 SS ” : 6 cyl., 100 x 150 mm., 7,100 c.c., 37.2 h.p.

21/80 Stuttgart ” : 6 cyl., 74 x 100 mm., 2,560 c.c., 20.3 h.p.

26/80 Mannheim ” : 6 cyl., 82.5 x 115 nun,. 4,592 c.c., 25.6 h.p.

” 16/45 ” : 6 cyl., 54 x 85 mm., 1,692 c.c., 15.7 h.p.

Stand No. 32. Exhibits : “38 250 SS ” Open Tourer, ” Stuttgart ” Sportsman’s Coupe, ” Mannheim ” Drophead Coupe, ” 16/45 ” Cabriolet.

No new models are introduced for 1933. The model of chief interest to sporting motorists is the famous 38/250 h.p.” S.S.” model, the type which has put up such wonderful performances in races and hillclimbs in the hands of Rudolf Caracciola, Earl Howe, Stuck von Villiez, and Sir Malcolm Campbell. This car is now the only supercharged model in the range. It has a 6 cylinder engine, with overhead valves, Bosch magneto, and special Merc6des carburettor, 4 speed gear box, central change, wheelbase 11′ 4″ and track 4′ 10′.

The ” Stuttgart ” and “Mannheim ” models are fitted with the Merc6des-Benz1Waybach multi-range gear box, giving 6 forward speeds, but the ” 16/45″ has a normal 4 speed gear box. All three have side valve engines, and are intended primarily for fast touring cars.


38/250 h.p. : Chassis, £1,985; Open Tourer, £2,350. ” Stuttgart ” 21/60 h.p. : Chassis, £595; Coupe £795.

” ‘Mannheim ” 26/80 h.p. : Chassis, £750; Coupe £995.

16/45 h.p. : Cabriolet, 4395.

All prices f.o.b. London and on Gold Standard.


The M.G. Car Co., Ltd., Abingdon-on-Thamm. Midget Ji and 2: 4 cyl., 57 x 83 mm., 847 c.c., 8.05 h.p.

Midget J1 and 4: 4 cyl., 57 x 75 mm., 746 c.c., 8.05 h.p.

Magna P2: 6 cyl., 57 x 83 mm., 1,250 c.c., 12.08 h.p.

” Six ” Mark II: 6 cyl., 69 x 110 mm., 2,468 c.c., 18 h.p.

Stand No. 24. The new 80 m.p.h. Midget was fully described, with a road test, in our issue of September. The 31 is a sports 4 seater and the 32 the 2 seater as tested by us. Chief alterations from the 1932 Midget, apart from the entirely new body with cut-away sides and racing rear-tank, lie in the new type cylinder head, with two new S. U. carburettors. The dynamo is driven by the vertical shaft of the camshaft drive, new small 14 mm. plugs are now used, and larger water spaces, giving

improved cooling, are provided. Also, a 4 speed gear box, with silent third, is a great improvement, and the whole car bears signs of being evolved from racing experience. The Magna is now fitted with 12in. brake drums instead of 8in. as heretofore, and other improvements consist of a modified cylinder head, and water manifold. Three types of body are listed on this chassis, a sports tourer, a sliding roof Foursome, and a new sports 2 seater similar to the new Midget, with cut-away

sides and a racing rear petrol tank.

The big 6 cylinder Mark H saloon and speed model open car have proved so popular that they have not been altered for 1933.


Midget 2 seater, £199 10s. ; 4 seater, £220; Salonette, £255.

Magna 2 seater, £250; 4 seater, £260; Foursome, £295.

Mark It ” Six ” Speed Model, £630; Saloon, £699. All prices, ex works.


Riley (Coventry) Ltd., Coventry.

9 h.p. : 4 cyl., 60.3 x 95.2 nun., 1,089 c.c., 8.9 h.p. 12 h.p. : 6 cyl., 57 x 95.2 mm., 1,458 c.c., 11.9 h.p. 14 h.p. : 6 cyl., 60.3 x 95.2 mm., 1,633 c.c., 13.9 h.p.

Stand No. 59.

A new model, the 12 h.p. has been introduced for 1933, and is a smaller edition of the 14 h.p. car. The only other alterations in the range are in the bodywork, which is now more elaborate.


Saloon, tourer and 2 seater, 9 h.p., £298; 12 h.p., £338; 14 h.p., £365.

Special series (2 carburettor engine on 9 h.p., 3 carburettor on 12 h.p. and 14 h.p., £17, £60 and £60 extra respectively).

Rover Company, Ltd., North Works, Coventry, and S. G. Cummings, Ltd., 101, Fulham Road, London.

Speed Model : 6 cyl., 72 x 105 mm., 2,565 c.c., 19.3 h.p.

Speed Pilot : 6 cyl., 59 x 86 mm., 1,410 c.c., 12.95 h.p. Stand No. 47.

No material alterations have been made for 1933 in either the Speed Model or the Pilot. The former has a 20 h.p. six cylinder engine, with overhead valves, a single plate clutch, four speed gear box with a central change and silent third gear, half elliptic springs all round, a wheel base of 9′ 10″ and a track of 4′ 8r.

The Pilot Speed Model is built on similar lines, but has a wheelbase of 9′ 3″ and a track 4′ 3″.


20 h.p. Speed Model, Open 4 seater, £495. Pilot Speed Model, Open 4 seater £350.



Clement Talbot, Ltd., Barlby Road, London, W.10. ” 65 ” : 6 cyl., 61.x 95 MM., 1,666 c.c., 13.9 h.p. “75 “and” 90 ” : 6 cyl., 69.5 x 100 ram., 2,276 c.c., 17.9 h.p. “

95″ and ” 105 ” : 6 cyl., 75 x 112 ram., 2,969 c.c., 20.9 h.p.

Stand No. 55. Exhibits : ” 65 ” Saloon, “65 ” Coupe, ” 75 ” Saloon, ” 95 ” Saloon, ” 105 ” Chassis. The Talbot programme for 1933 retains its successful touring cars the ” 65 ” and the ” 75 ” with little modification, likewise the” 90″ and the” 105 “. All these

cars have six cylinder engines with push rod operated overhead valves and seven bearing crankshafts on the three larger models. A new model is the ” 95,” fitted with the 2,969 c.c. engine of the ” 105 “, but with lower compression ratio and back axle ratio and modified camshaft. A ten-foot chassis allows commodious closed coachwork to be fitted, and the resulting combination should be ideal for fast touring.

The transmission has been revolutionised by the introduction of a ” selfchanging accelerating gearbox,” which is optional at no extra charge on all models except the long “75.” Working on the Wilson epicyclic principle, it is designed and made throughout by the Talbot factory, and retains the important feature of lubrication from the engine supply, an independent pump feeding the bearings even when the car is coasting with engine stopped. The engine lubrication system is now extended to the road springs.

Last and not least, prices have been greatly reduced, making the value for money even greater than before.


” 65 ” Chassis, £295. “75 ” Chassis, £393. “90 ” Chassis, £425. ” 95 ” Chassis, £475. ” 105 ” Chassis £525. Open bodies to order.


The Sunbeam Motor Car Co., Ltd., Moorfield Works, Wolverhampton.

20 h.p. Speed Model : 6 cyl., 80 mm. x 110 mm., 3,300 c.c., 23.8 h.p.

Stand No. 63. Full details of the 1933 “Southern Cross” Triumph appeared in our September issue. Briefly, the specification is as

follows : Push rod inlet o.h.v. engine with side exhaust valves, 3 bearing crankshaft, four point engine suspension, coil Ignition, 4 speed gear box with silent third, Lockheed brakes, and very full equipment, including Ashby ” Brooklands ” steering wheel.


” Southern Cross” 4 seater, £225.


The Vale Motor Co., Portsdowu Road, Maida Vale London.

One model : 4 cyl., 56.6 x 80 mm., 832.24 c.c., 7.9 h.p.

As announced on another page of this issue, the Vale Special is a most interesting newcomer to the ranks of small sports cars, by virtue of its original chassis design.

Brief details are as follows : Triumph engine with polished head and ports, S. Ii. down draught carburettor, side valves, and 3 bearing crankshaft ; 4 speed gear box, tubular front axle, chassis underslung under front and rear axles, Lockheed hydraulic foot brakes, with transmission hand brake, wheelbase 7′, front track 3′ 10″, rear 3′ 7i”, Ilk rear petrol tank and Petrolift pump.

The equipment is very complete, including large Biflex headlamps, .Ashby ” Brooklands ” steering wheel, and S.S. rev. counter. A full road test of this car will appear in MOTOR SPORT in the near future.


2 seater, £192 103.


Wolseley Motor Co., Ward End Works, Birmingham. Special : 6 cyl., 57 mm. x $3 mm., 1,271 c.c., 12 h.p. This extremely successful small car is continued for 1933 with few alterations. The six-cylinder engine employs an over

head camshaft driven by chain, two S.U. carburettors and coil ignition. Hardened cylinder liners and a new type of piston are standard for 1933. A flexible centre single plate clutch transmits the drive to a four speed and reverse gear box, thence through an open propellor shaft to a bevel driven back axle. The transmission has been strengthened throughout to deal with the extra power developed.

Semi-elliptic springs are fitted all round, with Luvax shock absorbers, and the hydraulic brakes operate on 12 inch drums. The track of the rear axle is now the same as that of the front, that is, 3ft. 9ins., allowing more room for the rear passengers or luggage without overhang.

The Hornet Special is only produced as a chassis, and will not appear on the Wolseley stand, but examples of the finished car will be exhibited by various coachbuilders.

Chassis Price, £175.