IN spite of the credit which attaches to a win in the T.T. Races in the Isle of Man and the financial support which is given by the Manx Government, the entries for each race averaged less than thirty. The keenness of the amateur rider, on the other hand, continues to increase, and the entries for the September races reached the record total of 118.


Weather conditions on Tuesday were favourable for fast going, a heat haze on the Mountain lifting before the first riders reached that section. 48 riders were drawn up on the starting squares, ready for their six laps, totalling 226 miles of the T.T. course. J. H. Carr (New Imperial) who won last year’s Junior Race, oiled a plug and lost valuable time in changina”’ it. A. Munks (Velocette) who started No. 3 was the first rider to pass through the Start, Leslie (Velocette) picked up four

places, and J. H. White, a Cambridge University rider overtook nine riders during the first lap. Gledhill, Daniell, and Levings all mounted on Nortons and old hands on the Manx circuit, all made substantial gains on their first circuit.

White occupied first place in the first round, but Munks had put on speed and set up a record lap of 30 minutes 15 seconds or 74.86 m.p.h., and White replied with a time of 29 minutes 56 second or 75.64 m.p.h. Carr (New Imperial) whose machine never seemed healthy, retired at Governor’s Bridge with plug trouble. J. M. Muir (Norton) another rider with several wins to his credit, dropped from fifth to seventh and in the end only just managed to get a replica. Second lap leaders :

14. J. H. White (Velocette), lb. Om. 2s. 75.43 m.p.h.

3. A. Munk& (Velocette), lh. Om. 54s. 74.36 m.p.h. 41. H. L. Daniell (Norton), Ih. Im. 44s. 73.36 m.p.h.

16. F. L. Frith (Norton), 1h. 2m. 23s. 72.40 m.p.h.

15. D. J. Pirie (Norton), lh. 3m. 2s. 71.84 m.p.h. 32. H. Levings (Norton), lb. 3m. 6s. 71.77 m.p.h.

Corners such as Governor’s Bridge, which cannot be taken fast cause a certain amount of trouble to riders new to the course. Hoges (Zenith) was wide and got round with difficulty, while Munks was much neater, reserving his acceleration till he got round the bottom corner. Harrison (Norton) took the bridge too fast to get round and fell off right in front of Parkinson (O.K.). Taylor (Velocette) opened out too soon and his machine slid from under him, but he managed to step clear of it. The leading riders were all steady, with some fine cornering from Pine and Frith (Nortons) who came round within 10 feet of one another. White was leading by nearly a minute in the third lap, but on his fourth his indicator stuck at Ramsey. News then came through that he had got into a wobble at the Mountain telephone box and had come off. He was unhurt, but one of his handle-bars was snapped off, and he toured in to retire. Daniell who had been running a consistent third, retired at the Gooseneck with engine trouble:

Pine and Frith were still duelling but the former had lost a few seconds on his pit stop a:ncl was just behind his rival. Fourth lap leaders :

3. A. Munks (Velocette), 211. 2m. 23s. 74.01 m.p.h. 16. P. I. Frith (Norton), 2h. 5m. 43s. 72.04 m.p.h.. 15. D. J. Pink (Norton), 211. 5m . 58s. 71.90 m.p.h. 32. H. Levings (Siorton), 2h. 6m. 365. 71.55 m.p.h. 14. J. H. White (Veloeette), 211. 8m. 59s. 70.22


8. J. A. McL. Leslie (Velocette), 2h. 9m. 2s.

70.19 m.p.h. • With the retirement of White and Daniell, Munks had a lead of over four minutes. Evidently he was enjoying his fast ride, for he continued to lap at over 74 m.p.h. Frith and Pink were averaging just over 72 m.p.h. and Gledhill who now

appeared on the leader board, 70.27. Lafone (Rudge) retired at Sulby, and. Lamacroft (Velocette) at the start with a broken valve rocker, but over half the field was still running.

The leader maintained his fast progress, and finished just after one o’clock, and received a great reception from the crowds on the Grand Stands. Pirie who was only three seconds behind Frith on the fift h lap, found his back tyre going down when passing through Ballacraine. He finished on an almost flat tyre, still in front of Frith, but allowing for his 30 second advantage in starting time he was found to have missed second place by 15 seconds.

As will be seen, the Velocette in amateur hands proved a worthy rival of the allconquering Norton.


1. No. 3, A. Munks (Velocetto), 3h. 16s. 74.41 m.p.h.

2. No. 16, F. L. Frith (Norton), 3h. 8m. 211. 72.13 m.p.h.

3. No. 16, D. J. Pine (Norton), 3h. 8m. 36$. 72.03 m.p.n.

4. No. 32, H. Iievings (Norton), 311. urn. 551. 70.79 m.p.h.

,5. No. 31, N. Gledhill (Norton), 3h. 18m. Is. 70.39 m.p.h.

6. No. 8, J. Ma. Leslie (Velocette), 311. 13m. 15s. 70.30 m.p.h.

7. No. 34, J. Buchan (Velocette), 311. 13m. 32sxn. 70.20 m.p.h.

8. J. W. Forbes (Norton), 3h. 14m. 50s. 69.73 m.p.h.

9. No. 47, J. H. myth (Norton), 3h. 16m. Is. 69.31 m.p.h.

10. No. 11,5. F. Cooke (Velocette), 3h. 17m. 145. 68.88 m.p.h.

11. No. 28, R. Allen (Norton), 3h. 18m. Is. 68.69 m.p.h.

12. No. 54,W. A. Rowell (Velocette), 3h. 18m. 45. 68.69 m.p.h.

13. No. 21, J. M. Muir (Norton), 3h. 20m. 36$. 67.73 m.p.h. The above receive replicas.



The new Lightweight trophy for the 250 c.c. class was won by R. Harris, on a New Imperial, in 311. 30m. 5s.


No. 24. H. Hartley (Rudge), 311. 22m. 10s. No. 29. 5.3. Emery (Norton), 3h. 23m. 10s. No. 1. H. Clayton (Velocette), 311. 24m. 3s. No. 26. J. K. Swanston (Velocette), 311. 24m. 465. No. 5. J. F. Wakefield (Velocette), 311. 27m. 20s. No. 38. W. E. Whitehead (Vezocette), 311..28m. 595 No. 51. R. Harris (New Imperial), 3h. 30ra. 5s. No. 2. 0. Corteen (Velocette), 311. 31in. 58s. No. 53. Trevor-Battye (Velocette), 3h. 35m. 6s. No. 33. 1). Parkinson (O.K. Supreme), 3h. 50m.


No. 13. J. Fletcher (Sunbeam), 311. 58m. 36s. Twenty-four of the 48 starters finished the race.

The team prize was won by Kirkcaldy.

J. A. McL.Leslie, J. K. Swauston, and J. H. 13lyth.


HUR.SDA.Y’S race was favoured with the same good weather as had been

enjoyed for the Junior. The score board had actually to be extended to make room for the 62 entries, but owing to accidents in practise and other causes there were ten. non-starters. The grand stands were full, and the crowds round the course were keyed up in expectation of a stirring race. Muir (Norton) was the first to come through the Start only two minutes after the last starter had been sent off. Darbishire and Daniell (Nortons) were obviously very fast, and J. H. -White who was riding the same 350 c.c. Velocette as on Tuesday showed himself capable of keep

lug up with the larger machines. When the laps were painted up, it was seen that Daniell, Darbishire, Levings, Forbes and White had all completed laps in under 30 minutes. Muir continued his good work by putting up?. a record lap of 29 min. 41 secs. or 76.33 n.p.h., which was soon well beaten by Pixie with one in 29 min. 9 secs., a speed of 77.66 m.p.h. Daniell, Forbes and Darbishire were each a few seconds behind, and White on his Junior machine lapped in 29-24. The crowd might very

well roar. Pine’s record lap brought him from seventh place to third.

The Cambridge University Club was well-represented on the leader board, as Darbishire, Forbes, White and Muir were all members of it. Second lap leaders :

37. H. L. Daniell (Norton), 58m. 42s. 77.12 m.p.h. 30. S. B. Darbishire (Norton), 59m. 7s. 76.60 m.p.h.

39. D. J. Pine (Norton), 59m. 16s. 76.40 m.p.h. 34. S. W. Forbes (Norton), 59m. 16g. 76.40 m.p.h. 36. J. N. White (Velocette), 59m. 17s. 76.39 m.p.h.

6. J. M. Muir (Norton), 59m. 46s. 75.76 m.p.h.

A certain amount of trouble, mechanical and otherwise, had occurred. Hill (O.K.) retired near Ramsey with engine trouble, Christmas (Scott) took Ballig too fast with the usual result, and Frith (Norton) came off at Waterworks Corner and retired there. Levings too found the Ramsey area unfavourable and gave up near the Gooseneck with plug trouble.

Quarter Bridge was causing some difficulty, many of the riders taking it too wide and skidding on the adverse camber. Cordingley (Norton) accelerated violently and the machine shot from under him. His face was cut and his leg hurt, but no serious damage was done. Muir, White and Fletcher (Sunbeam) were notably good at this point.

White’s fine ride was brought to an end by his crashing at the Gooseneck, and Forbes (Norton) went out at Greeba with engine trouble. Darbishire who was pushing his machine hard to keep up with Pine, crashed at Union Mills, wrecking his mount but himself escaping injury. Pixie himself was overdue, his pointer showing him as having passed Ballacraine, but it showed no tendency to move towards Kirk Michael. Some time later he was reported as reaching Ramsey on the back of Greenwood’s Rudge. Fourth lap leaders :

37. H. L. Daniell (Norton), 1h. 58m. Is. 76.74 m.p.h.

32. J. K. Swanston (Norton), 2h. Om. 33s. 75.13 m.p.h.

6. J. M. Muir (Norton), 2h. ltn. 7s. 74.79 m.p.h. 53. W. Gledhill (Norton), 2h. 2m. 46s. 73.78 m.p.h.

12. R. Harris (Norton), 2h. 3m. lls. 73.52 m.p.h. 60. A. Munks (Velocette), 2h. 3m. 17s. 73.46 m.p.h. The race was now beginning to resemble Tuesday’s event, in which the steady fastriding leader obtained a useful lead over the second man. Actually Daniell was only 2/ minutes ahead of Swanston, and a crash or a little engine trouble would quickly alter the situation. Muir’s steady riding made him a dangerous rival for the second man, but as this was to be his last year of racing, he was not likely to take undue risks to get the lead. Munks was putting up a fine performance on his 350 c.c. machine, On the fifth lap Swanston increased his speed to over 77 m.p.h., but Daniell whose lead of 2/ minutes had brought him level with his rival was equal to this and only lost 2 seconds. Both were given the

all-out signal, and a terrific struggle ensued. Telephone messages from Bellacraine, from Ramsey, from Creg-ny-Baa gave their arrival two or three seconds apart, then Governor’s Bridge reported them together. A few seconds later the roar of their machines was heard and the spectators rose from their seats as one man to see the finish. Daniell led Swanston by not more than 20 yards, bringing to a close one of the finest struggles which has been witnessed on the famous T.T. circuit.

In his last lap Daniell set up a new record of 29 minutes 8 seconds (77.7 m.p.h.) but Swanston in his efforts to catch him had bettered it by 5 seconds, and his lap speed of 77.86 will take some beating.

Only 24 riders finished, and the Team Prize again went to the Kirkaldy Club, whose riders were Swanston, Leslie and Blyth.


1. H. L. Daniell (Norton), 2h. Um. 29s. 76.98 m.p.h.

2. J. K. Swanston (Norton), 21s. 59m. Os. 75.9 m.p.h.

3. J. M. Muir, (Norton), 3h, Om. 52s. 75.11 m.p.h.

4. N. Gledhill (Norton), 3h. 3m. 50s. 73.9 .p.h.

5. R. Harris (Norton), 3h. 4m. 446. 73.54 m.p.h.

6. A. Munks (Velocette), 3h. 5m. 3s. 73.42 m.p.h.

7. J. H. White (Velocette), 3h. 8m. 54s. 71.92 m.p.h.

8. J. Fletcher (Sunbeam), 3h. I im. 19s. 71.01 m.p.h.

9. J. H. Blyth (Norton), 3h. 13m. 46s. 70.11 m.p.h. The above qualified for replicas.

10. W. A. Rowell (Velocette), 3h. 14m. 20s. Speed, 69.91 m.p.h.

11. J. A. Mel,. Leslie (Velocette), 3h. 15m. 2s. Speed, 69.66 m.p.h.

12. J. P. Williamson (Rudge), 3h. 16m. Os. Speed, 69.28 m.p.h.

13. R. Allen (Norton), 3h. 16m. 558. Speed, 68.99 m.p.h.

14. J. S. Ward (Sunbeam), 3h. 17m. 5s. Speed, 68.93 m.p.h.

15. H. C. G. Walmisley-Dresser (Norton), 311. 17m. 6s. Speed, 68.87 m.p.h.

16. H. C. Lareacraft (Velocette), 311. 20m. 21s. Speed, 67.81 m.p.h.

17. H. Hartley (Rudge), 3h.•20m. 338. 67.74 m.p.h.

18. L. Longstaff (Norton), 3h. 21m. 19s. 67.48 m.p.h.

19, J. M. Sugg (Norton), 3h. 23m. 25s. 66.79 m.p.h.

20. S. J. Emery (Norton), 3h. 26m. 18s. 65.85 m.p.h.

21. S. W. Cooper (Sunbeam), 311. 28m. 42s. 65.1 m.p.h.

22. D. Parkinson (Norton), 3h. 29m. 58. 64.98 m.p.h.

23. W. E. Whitehead (Velocette), 3h. 2(1m. 13$. Speed, 64.94 m.p.h. Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed,

Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed, Speed.

24. V. E. Eastwood (Rudge), 311. 34m. 22s. Speed, 63.38 m.p.h.