THE modern small sports car is an amazing piece of work. Not only is it extraordinarily fast for a machine of its size, but also it will stand up to the much higher speeds resulting from expert tuning. This state of affairs was strongly brought home to the writer on a recent visit to the premises of Messrs. Morgans, Ltd., 172, Harrow Road, London. From this tuning works emanated the remarkable M.G. Midget driven by J. HuttonPotts in the Relay Race, in which it gained a special award for covering 58 laps of Brooklands Track at a, speed of 70.84 m.p.h. Another prodigy we saw

was the Singer Nine, handled in competitions by E. Hodges. This Le Man’s model has lapped Brooklands Track at 86 m.p.h. reaching 90 m.p.h. on the Railway Straight.

With racing cars Messrs. Morgans are just as successful and we saw a very nice Bugatti there (the property of the J.R.D.C.), the very fast little singleseater Austin which had a field day in acceleration races at Brooklands recently, an Invicta, and one of the Crossley Tens which has been fitted with a completely new head. The man responsible for extracting those valuable extra ” horses ” from cars

is Mr. Alec Francis, who has been closely connected with racing since he designed the Beardmore with which Cyril Paul held the Shelsey Walsh record ten years ago. In the intervening years he has been responsible for such cars as Widengren’s Amilcar, Humphrey’s Amilcar and Bartlett’s Salmson, among others. Mr. R. Morgan himself, of course, has been a regular competitor in motor races for many years.

Here is a firm catering for sports car owners, backed up by long experience and first class equipment. Judged purely on results, they are definitely capable of making fast cars faster.