We recently had an opportunity to inspect some of the reconditioned RollsRoyces in which the Southern Motor Co. of 72, l’ark Hill, Clapham, London, S.W.4 (Mac. 4343-5) specialise. Outwardly these cars, mostly 1927 chassis, appear to be 1938 models. The reconditioning embraces rebuilt wheels, new Dunlop or Michelin tyres, and raised, chromimned radiators. So far as the chassis is concerned, the wise policy is fellOwed of reconditioning not so much to a set rule, but as is found advisable, then submitting the reconditioned Chassis to Messrs. Rolls-Royce Ltd. for their very strict official examination—which occupies some twenty-four hours’ testing. Naturally if Rolls-Royce do not pass the chassis further reconditioning is carried out until they do so. Usually engines are rebored and fitted with new pistons, axles and gearboxes overhauled and dutch and brakes relined, etc. It has been found useless to attempt to recondition used bodywork and obtain satisfactory results. Consequently entirely new Ranaleigh coachwork is fitted, with new seating upholstered in good quality smooth

leather. The normal range embraces two and four-door saloons, drop-head coupes, etc., and naturally detail alterations can be easily incorporated, or entirely special bodies can be designed and fitted. Prices range from ./..,400 in the case of the four-speed 20 h.p. models, which give about 60 M.p.h., are guaranteed 20 m.p.g., and prOvide extremely refined performance and accuracy of control with the outward appearance of 1937 20-25 h.p. cars. Similar replicas of 1987 40-50 h.p. models are available, and it should be possible to build a -very interesting 90 to 100 m.p.h. open car around a reconditioned ” Phantom II” Rolls-Royce chassis. R-R., A.A. and R.A.C. examinations are invited. These reconditioned, 1937 replica Rolls-Royce cars should be of particular interest to our overseas

readers. Mr. May and his sons, proprietors of the SoUthern Motor Co., have specialised in -Rolls-Royce work for some twenty-five years. They are themselves enthusiasts, well known at race Meetings, and own a very fast 80/98 Vauxhall as a personal car. The bodies we saw were beautifully finished and of modern outline, with high bonnets, dropped waist lines and built-hi luggage lockers containing the spare wheels.