In the interests of accuracy may I point out, referring to the article in your August issue concerning the ” Corniche ” Bentley, that it was N. E. Embirieos (of E.R.A. and Bugatti fame) who was killed and not M. Andre Embiricos. From what his brother told me, Bentley Motors, Ltd., were not at all keen on the project of a streamlined car at the start. With regard to Mr. Gandhi’s remarks, may I reply as follows :—

(1) The H.R.G. o.h.c. model has a modified Singer ” Roadster ” engine, not a “Le Mans” engine, and this is one of the smoothest. of its type in existence. The “Le Mans” Singer never had anything like ILR.C. performance and made a great deal of noise, so beloved by the white-hatted bathing enthusiasts who owned these vehicles. The threecarburetter 1i-litre Singer had a similar type of body to the “Nine,” and did have some considerable performance, but was not so potent as the present 1i-litre H.R.G. H.R.G. springing is not hard ; in fact, the rear springs could well be nutde harder. The brakes are quite unsurpassed by any normal, unaided type, and how many cars have alloy drums with shrunk steel liners—particularly the mass-production type ?

(2) Honeycomb radiators work well until they leak, which they did quite frequently. The pump system is just as efficient with its tank and dummy shell. Old shapes were inefficient as regards streamline, and progress we must. Does your correspondent buy a car because he likes its radiator ? I am, Yours etc., CLIVE EDWARDS, H.M. Forces. Baronet, 2nd/Lt,