High - Performance Cars at Earls Court

Fastest of them all — The 3 1/2-litre “XK” super-sports Jaguar has exceeded 132 m.p.h. in Belgium on pump fuel, did the s.s. mile at 86.5 m.p.h. on this occasion and has since finished 1st and 2nd in the Silverstone Production Car Race. Its exceedingly handsome low-drag body conceals a twin o.h.c. engine developing 160 b.h.p. 5,000 r.p.m. The car is also available in 2-litre form and is exceptionally good value at £998. Make a point of seeing it on Stand 172.

Le Mans Honours. — The 2-litre “Le Mans Replica” Frazer-Nash is so called to commemorate the third place which one of these cars achieved in the classic French 24-hour race this year. The engine is a 110-b.h.p. three-carburetter Bristol unit, giving a high output. while the chassis is stiff and light and the body conforms to International sports-car race requirements. This car and a new “Mille Miglia” all-enveloping two-seater on the same chassis will be exhibited on Stand 138.

Present-Day Perfection. — This Farina-bodied 1,100-c.c saloon, a “highlight” on Stand 141, is not only a very elegant modern car but one that is essentially suited to present-day conditions, for it does 87 m.p.h. on 50 b.h.p., and its low drag form results in a fuel consumption of 22 m.p.g. even at this speed.

Four-Cylinder 2/4 Seater. — The Aston-Martin, no longer available in “Spa Replica” form, is shown on Stand 180 as a four-seater tourer with the new Hill-designed push-rod o.h.v. four-cylinder engine and supple coil-spring suspension which, in conjunction with the special tubular frame, gives anti-roll cornering of a high order.

American High Performance. — The Oldsmobile. which General Motors will display on Stand 130, is a Series 76 “Futuramic” four-door saloon with six-cylinder engine. It is available in the States with a 133 b.h.p. valve-in-head V8 “Rocket” engine of five litres capacity which should spell really high performance in this short American chassis.

Wind Defeating. — The new Rover “75” has an entirely new external appearance and retains the 2.1-litre “75” i.o.e. engine, in improved form with a light alloy head and twin downdraught carburetters. This fine car is sure to draw crowd to Stand 152.