Motor Sport Pictorial Report

Goodwood Brighton Prescott Farnborough

Real Racing. — Reg. Parnell’s Maserati (1) and Peter Walker’s type E.R.A. (16) during their immense duel in the Woodcote Cap at Goodwood. Walker drove the E-type magnificently, losing to the Italian car by a mere 1.4 seconds, and both drivers had the crowd on its toes.

Memorable Birthday. — Stirling Moss, on his 20th birthday, winning the Madgwick Cup at Goodwood in his Cooper 1,000. He lapped at 84.7 m.p.h.

500-c.c. Runner-Up. — Lex’ Beels, lapping at 76.8 crouches low in Holtrust’s Cooper while chasing the winner of the Goodwood 500-c.c. Race, P. Collins.

Rural Scene. —Tony Rolt’s Alfa-Romeo-leads Duncan Hamilton’s 6C Maserati in the Goodwood Trophy race before retiring with transmission trouble.

Differing Styles. — John Cooper’s Cooper 1,000 (69), with wheels exposed, and Poore’s all-enveloping Veritas at Goodwood. Poore easily caught Crook’s Veritas, to finish second in the Third September Handicap.

Out in Front. — Starting from the 34-second mark, Kenneth McAlpine had the First September Handicap to himself. His ex.”Bira” Maserati is here seen at speed.

Held, Sir! — Eric Brandon in a spot of bother at the September Prescott meeting, trying to go faster than Moss, who beat him by 1.05 sec. in the 1,100-c.c. racing class.

F.W.D. = F.T.D. — A. J. Butterworth smiles the victor’s smile at Brighton, where his four-wheel-drive, air-cooled 178 A.J.B. made fastest time.

Allard in Action. — Guy Warburton’s post-war 4-litre car climbing Prescott in 50.76 seconds.

The Duellists Again. — Parnell seizes his chance and passes the E-type E.R.A. as Walker slides wide at Woodcote Corner.

Speed in the Air. — The English Electric Company’s “Canberra I” turbojet bomber entertains the vast crowd at the well-run, S.B.A.C. Show at Farnborough.