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Details follow of the exhibits of those exhibitors who have submitted details to Motor Sport:—

A.C. SPHINX Stand 312

Sparking plugs, plug-cleaning machinery, air-cleaners, air-silencers, fuel pumps, oil filters, instruments, thermostats, radiator caps, fuel filters, etc., will attract the enthusiast to this stand.
A.C.-Sphinx Spark Plug Co., Dunstable, Beds.


On this Stand you will see “Auto-Lite” spark plugs and electrical accessories, Carter carburetters, “Autocar” test and repair services, etc.
Autocar Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., 33/34, Albert Embankment, London, S.E.11.


Standard and wire-bound B.H.B. pistons and their accoutrements and die-castings, clutch couplings, etc., will be shown.
Automotive Engineering Co., Ltd., Norfolk House, 37-38, Norfolk Street, London, W.C.2.


On this stand there is a range of Thompson steering-rod assemblies as fitted to many popular cars. They take up wear automatically and maintain the steering free from rattle and road s. ocks, essential characteristics for the modern car where attention and adjustment must be reduced to a minimum.

There is also a comprehensive display of Purolator “Micronic” oil filters and elements which are specially designed to give the modern car complete protection from dirt and grit down to “micron” (.00004 in.) size. The filter element consists of a plastic impregnated paper which is heat resistant, waterproof and warp-proof. There is also a range of filter kits suitable for all popular cars produced in recent years which were not originally fitted with an oil filter. They include all necessary unions, piping and fitting instructions and are easily installed without special tools.

Lockheed hydraulic brake fluid and a full rang of brake and clutch spare parts are also shown on this stand.
Automotive Products Co., Ltd., Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa.

ANDRE Stand 227

Ever since motor cars started to go quickly the need for shock-absorbers was appreciated. For many decades Andre has provided them and you should carefully examine the 1951 range of “Hartford” and “Andrex” dampers and the “Andre” steering damper.
Andre Components, Ltd., 38, Felsham Road, London, S.W.15.


“Silmocrom” and “Austenitic” cylinder liners, castings, valve seat inserts, “Stellite” valve seat inserts and the new “Flocast” iron bar can be seen here.
Harold Andrews Grinding Co., Ltd., Bristol Road, Bournbrook, Birmingham, 29.


All manner of oil seals will be displayed.
George Angus & Co., Ltd., Angus House, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1.

AMAL Stand 244

The well-known range of carburetters, petrol pumps, filters, flame-traps, flow-meters, bonnet fasteners, controls-joints, etc., should be of extreme appeal to sports car and motor-boat owners.
Amal, Ltd., Holfold Works, Perry Bar, Birmingham, 20.

ALFORD & ALDER Stand 321

This firm will exhibit several types of i.f.s., suspension parts and a range of ball-joint assemblies
Alford & Alder (Engineers), Ltd., Deacon Street, London, S.E.17.

BRAMBER ENGINEERING Stands 201 and 296

This concern will be exhibiting as follows:—

Stand No. 201: (Car trailer, 12/18 cwt., two-wheeled, on Bramber independent rubber suspension incorporating Spencer Moulton flexitors. Caravan chassis, two-wheeled, on Bramber independent rubber suspension incorporating Spencer Moulton flexitors. Four-wheeled, close-coupled, private horse-box trailer chassis suitable for twin horse-box, fitted with Bramber independent rubber suspension incorporating Spencer Moulton flexitors.

Stand No. 296: Coil and laminated road springs, spring components, tow hitches. Bramber independent rubber suspension units incorporating Spencer Moulton flexitors. Springbok hub assemblies and wheels.
The Bramber Engineering Co., Ltd., Springbok Works, Waterloo Road, London, N.W.2.

BIRMAL Stand 335

This firm, which commenced operations in 1903, will exhibit:—

Sand castings in aluminium alloys to B.S.I. Standard Specifications: examples include crankcases, gearboxes, cylinder heads, induction pipes, etc.

Aluminium alloy gravity die-castings in Standard B.S.I. material specifications most suitable for the service required. Exhibits include gearboxes, clutch housings, brake shoes, pistons, radiator parts, water pipes, etc.

Pressure die-castings in both aluminium and “Mazak” zinc alloys, including covers, casings, carburetter bodies, float chambers and various similar components.

Castings in “Birmabright” corrosion-resisting alloy. In this group will be found such parts as water pump casings, water pipes and connections, also radiator parts.

Elektron (magnesium) alloy castings, which are 40 per cent. lighter than aluminium alloy, include crankcases, gearboxes and similar parts.
The Birmingham Aluminium Casting (1903) Co., Ltd., 20/22, Berkeley Square, London, W.1.

BORG & BECK Stand 424

Six sizes of Borg & Beck clutch, from 6 1/4 in. to 11 in., are displayed, together with an “exploded” clutch showing the method of assembly, and examples of the “Borglite” spring pressure plate.
Borg & Beck Co., Ltd., Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa.

BLUEMEL’S Stand 264

Here will be found an attractive range of adjustable steering wheels, of which the famous “Brooklands” wheel (formerly “Ashby”) is especially interesting to Motor Sport readers. Be sure to take home a copy of “Wheel Appeal”—it contains pictures of racing aces and pretty girls. Also on show are number plates that the police cannot fail to see, garage signs, lever knobs, tyre inflators, etc.
Bluemel Bros. Ltd., Wolston, near Coventry.


Sports-car types must inspect the “Monza” filler caps. Model LA775 is available in light alloy. Also on this stand are all the greasers and nipples anyone could desire, together with garage equipment.

Benton & Stone Ltd., Aston Brook Street, Birmingham, 6.

BOYRIVEN Stand 339

Here will be found the latest designs in cloths, Bedford cords, repps and tapestries. Trimmings for upholstery of motor cars, as supplied to the leading motor car manufacturers and body-builders; hardware fittings; door pulls; handles; draught excluders; wire-on-beading; wing piping; regulators; dovetail locks; robe rails; studs; fasteners; Bassick door stops. Leathercloth for hoods, upholstery, and trimmings. Pile carpets; hair carpets; loose covers; mohair mats; rugs; moquettes; mohair; velvets; calicoes; sheetings; moleskins; twills; sports hoodings; ducks; canvases.
Boyriven Ltd., 54 & 56, Torrington Place, London, W.C.1.


“Compo” oil-retaining bronze bearings and bushes, “Ferrocite” valve-guides, “Powdiron” bushings and bearings, and “Bound Brook” graphited bronze bearings form this display, and specials-builders can take home a nicely-produced book about them.
Bound Brook Bearings, Ltd., Trent Valley Trading Estate, Trent Valley Road, Lichfield, Staffs.

T. M. BIRKETT Stand 85

On this stand will be shown all types of non-ferrous castings, machined parts, chill cast rods and tubes, marine propellers, valves, fittings, ingot metals, etc.
T. M. Birkett & Sons, Ltd., Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

BERGER Stand 403

Here you can see Proxcelin finish, “Viton” half-hour enamel, “Kemitone” finish and “Lifeguard” polishes, cleaners etc.
Lewis Berger (Great Britain) Ltd., Berkeley Square, London, W.1.


On this stand G. Beaton & Son, Ltd., display a usefully comprehensive range of windows, windscreens and bodywork components.
G. Beaton & Son, Ltd., Beatonson House, Victoria Road, Willesden, London, N.W.10.

CHAMPION Stand 390

Here will be found a range of Champion plugs and equipment as follows:—

Type L-10, 14-mm. thread, 1/2-in. reach: Fitted as standard equipment by Alvis, Armstrong-Siddeley, Austin, Ford, Hillman, Humber, Jaguar, Jowett, Morris, Standard, Sunbeam-Talbot, Triumph and Wolseley.

Type NA-8, 14-mm. thread, 3/4-in. reach: Fitted as standard equipment by Austin, Morgan, Riley, Standard and Sunbeam-Talbot.

Type N-8, 14-mm. thread, 3/4-in. reach: Fitted as standard equipment by Austin, Jaguar and Standard.

Type N7, 14-mm. thread, 3/4-in. reach: Detachable; for low-compression engines prone to fouling.

Type J-8, 14-mm, thread, 5/8-in reach: Fitted as standard equipment by Citroen and recommended for Vauxhall, and for various American makes.

Type J 12, 14-mm. thread, 3/4-in. reach: For engines of lower compression which are prone to fouling.

Type L-10S, 14-mm. thread, 1/2-in. reach: Fitted as standard equipment by H.R.G., M.G., Riley and Singer.

Type No. 7, 18-mm. thread, 1/2-in. reach: Fitted as standard equipment by Ford.

Type 8-COM, 18-mm. thread, 1/2-in. reach: For older type engines prone to fouling.

Type 15, 18-mm. thread, 1/2-in. reach: Detachable type with small hexagon, for Buick and other motors where standard hexagon will not fit.

Type No. 17, 18-mm. thread, 1/2-in. reach: For high-compression touring cars requiring 18-mm. plug.

Type No. 16, 18-mm. thread, 1/2-in. reach: For super-sports engines fitting 18-mm. type plugs.

The Champion cleaner and tester unit, for testing and air-pressure cleaning all types and makes of sparking plugs.

The Champion spark plug gap tool, for adjusting spark gaps.
Champion Sparking Plug Co., Ltd., Feltham, Middlesex.

DUNLOP Stands 217, 246, 284 and 488

The Dunlop exhibits comprise a range of ordinary, “Fort,” Cushion, Road Speed, Sports and Trakgrip T28 tyres on Stand 217, together with tubes and sectioned rims, a display of Dunlop wheels on Stand 246, specialised solution and Latex adhesives on Stand 284, and garage equipment, including a new optical alignment gauge for wheel adjustment, on Stand 488.
The Dunlop Rubber Company, Ltd., Fort Dunlop, England.

DURON Stand 368

This stand will be devoted to a display of “Duron” brake and clutch linings, etc.
Duron Brake Linings, Ltd., Buxton, Derbyshire.

FERODO Stand 261

Those who know that to motor fast you must be able to stop, need look no further than Stand 261. The Ferodo exhibits will comprise:—

MR.19: Non-metallic solid woven asbestos linings with a moderate but stable co-efficient of friction made to the correct brake shoe sizes and drilled ready for fitting. Specially recommended for certain Lockheed brakes. MR.41: Non-metallic solid woven asbestos lining with a high co-efficient of friction and special anti-fade qualities; made to the correct brake shoe sizes ready for fitting. MZ.41: Solid woven asbestos lining incorporating zinc wire; suitable for uses under very severe working conditions and possessing special anti-fade qualities; made to the correct brake shoe sizes and radii ready for fitting.

DM.1: Moulded asbestos non-metallic lining, possessing a medium friction value for all-round use on British Lockheed, Girling and non-floating shoe assemblies or for the primary shoes of Bendix and similar self-energising floating assemblies. DM.2: Moulded asbestos non-metallic lining possessing a medium-low friction value for use on the secondary shoes of Bendix and similar self-energising brake assemblies.

VG.65: Moulded asbestos composition metallic lining maintaining a uniform friction value at working temperatures up to 1,000° F. specially suited for power-assisted brakes and extra heavy duty. VG.95: Moulded asbestos composition non-metallic lining containing random asbestos cord maintaining a uniform friction value at working temperatures up to 1,000° F., specially suited for power-assisted brakes and extra heavy duty. VG.96: Moulded asbestos composition non-metallic Iining containing random asbestos cord maintaining a uniform friction value at working temperatures up to 800° F., specially suited for power-assisted brakes and extra heavy duty.

Boxed sets of Ferodo brake linings. In recommended qualities ready drilled and complete with rivets.

RAD.11 : Die-made clutch discs. MRAD.12: Clutch discs. Non-metallic radially woven asbestos material for plate clutches. RAD.13: Clutch discs. Non-metallic woven asbestoe material for plate clutches, suitable for working in oil. VM: Clutch discs—moulded asbestos material suitable for certain types of clutches, and shock-absorbers. RYZ: Clutch discs—woven yarn clutch discs incorporating zinc wire; possessing a high co-efficient of friction combined with anti-judder characteristics.

Ferodo brake testing meter and Ferodo brake efficiency indicator.

Ferogrip fan belts.

Ferobestos technical plastics, camshaft gears, coupling discs, bushes, and engine mounting pads.

Ferodo stairtread for caravans and motor boats.

Bendix, Girling, and Lockheed replacements shoes fitted with Ferodo linings.

Ferodo, Ltd., Chapel-en-le-Frith, Stockport.


What a chemist’s shop for the motorist here! There is “Wondar Weld” to seal cracks, “Radweld” to stop that radiator leak, “Radflush” to stop new leaks occurring, “Piston Seal” for those unable to afford a rebore, “Supertune” to free sticking valves, “Gum Gum” (not for human consumption) to seaI up those places in your old silencer where the noises come through, “Aqua-Tect” for damp-proofing the ignition system, “Fogoff” (careful here!) to keep screens and mirrors clear, “Hi-Power” plug adaptors to give that long mingling spark, “Wondar Wax” emulsion to make the neighbours jealous of your body, “Wondar Lustre” ditto, “Plastic Glos” to polish off, “Wondar Foam” to restore vintage upholstery, “Wondar Chrome” to restore the bright bits of more recent models, “Anti-Squeak” that the R.S.P.C.A. should welcome, because it frees the canaries, and many, many more. Lots of cars will have to be held together thus for many years to come. Ask the salesmen about it.
Douglas Holt, Ltd., 5 & 6, Eagle Street, London, W.C.1.

I.C.I. Stand 283

The Leathercloth Division of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, which operates one of the largest plants in the world for the production of coated fabrics, will be showing “Rexine” and “Vynide” for motor car upholstery and general interior trimming, together with fabricated trimmings such as draught excluders, seat pipings, door seals, etc.

“Vynide,” a P.V.C. product of a high grade, has become recognised by most of the British car manufacturers as a first-class material for car upholstery, and several years of severe testing have enhanced the reputation of this hard-wearing material for this purpose. A large number of cars in current production employ “Vynide” as a seating medium, not only with success so far as appearance and economy are concerned but also with a proved reliability as to wearing qualities.

“Vynide” is resistant to staining, waterproof, fire-resistant, easily cleaned with soap and water, and is made in a wide range of qualities suitable for seating, door backs, panelling, roof lining and other purposes.

The Leathercloth Division will also be showing their world renowned “Rexine” nitrocellulose coated fabric, which is widely used as a decorative panelling medium and which can be accurately matched to hides or other fabrics if required.

Part of the display section of the Division’s stand will be devoted to up-to-date photographs of cars in current production using these tested and proved materials, and interested parties will be well repaid for the time spent in visiting these important manufacturers of first-class interior trimming materials.
Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., Newton Works, Hyde, Cheshire.

LOCKHEED Stand 416

The full range of Lockheed hydraulic two-leading-shoe brakes, together with a complete layout of a typical system for cars, is shown. This system, with its increased stopping power and high stability factor, ensures that whatever improvements are made to the performance of the modern motor car, Lockheed equipment will provide efficient braking under all conditions. Even under such arduous conditions as those experienced by the winning Jaguar in the Alpine Rally this year, Lockheed brakes proved completely effective and reliable.
Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Co., Ltd., Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa.

LUCAS Stand 267

Joseph Lucas Ltd. exhibit an exceedingly comprehensive display of electrical equipment for motor vehicles, with many demonstrations featuring components in action.

Recordings have been made of Lucas electric horns and visitors will be able to listen to the latest types by simply lifting a receiver.

Of particular interest is the demonstration of television interference and its elimination featured at the Lucas stand. Here the effects of two sets of coil ignition equipment, one unsuppressed, the second suppressed with Lucas equipment, can be seen on the television screen.

In connection with lighting, a demonstration clearly illustrates the advantages obtained by the use of the newly-designed “square-pattern” headlamp lens.

Among other Lucas exhibits featured will be the new SF80 trafficator; a demonstration showing the operation of centrifugal and vacuum ignition timing controls; Lucas dynamo C39PV-2, showing increased working output; the 4RVA magneto; the new Lucas screen spray; the F.W. screenwiper; a demonstration of the performance of the Lucas sports coil; a complete range of fog lamps (FT67, SFT700S, SFT462).

In addition there is a complete range of other electrical equipment and accessories, including batteries; the Lucas battery filler; switches; dynamos; starters; coils; girder wrenches; driving mirrors—including the Lucas anti-dazzle mirror; distributors; control boxes; defrosters; ammeters; head, side and tail lamps, and resistors and capacitors for television and car radio suppression.
Joseph Lucas, Ltd., Great King Street, Birmingham, 19.

MINTEX Stand 204

This stand should not be missed. Here you will see samples of Mintex M.15 brake liners, which have been used to achieve notable success in racing, and pictures of well-known racing cars using these liners. AIso many other aids to stopping.
British Belting & Asbestos Ltd., CIeckheaton, Yorks.

NOTEK Stand 373

The very well-known range of Notek pass-lamps and fog-lamps will form an exhibit which no keen motorist will pass by. The long-range “Speedmaster” and wide-angle “Roadmaster” lamps should be seen, the former giving a range of some 600 feet. Prices range from £4 6s. Rain and snow become invisible behind Notek beams. Then there are the specialised wide-angle “Fogmaster” fog-lamp and “Drivemaster” pass-lamps, the latter throwing a beam over 800 feet long, and the “Passmaster” and “Lightmaster” lamps; prices range from £4 16s. A new 3 3-4-in. diameter reversing lamp costing 30s., an entirely new emergency road flare, and a range of “Plastilite” electrical accessories will also be shown.
Notek Electric Co., Ltd., 23, London Road, Bromley, Kent.


Chassis frames, garage and stores equipment, axles, wheels, body panels, pressings and test equipment are on view.
Rubery, Owen & Co., Ltd., Darlaston, South Staffs.

SOLEX Stand 229

This well-known firm, whose main concern is converting what we get for fuel into something the engine will burn, is showing:

A range of “Self-starting” Solex carburetters for all classes of engine, including a dual-port carburetter with frictionless accelerating pump and special cruising speed economy device. This carburetter is developed specially for six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines.

Sectioned models illuminated and keyed up for easy identification of component parts, spares kits made up for general purposes and specific makes of engine, and tests tanks for checking petrol consumption, complete an attractive display.
Solex Ltd., 223-231, Marylebone Road, London, N.W.1.

WICO-PACY Stand 269

The following items of very considerable interest to seekers after high efficiency should be inspected carefully:—

1. Wipac Oil Cleaner: This is a by-pass oil cleaner with an instant-fit replaceable cleaning element. The installation consists of two parts only—the adaptor base, which becomes an integral part of the engine, and the instant-fit, factory-sealed cleaning element, which can be changed by hand in less than a minute by simply unscrewing from the adaptor base. No tools are required, there are no pipes to disconnect. There are two types of installation—a single cleaner for engines up to 20 h.p., and a twin cleaner for engines from 20 h.p. to 35 h.p. The twin cleaner consists of an adaptor base which accommodates two cleaning elements. The cleaner can be fitted to any convenient position on the engine, wing valance or bulkhead, either vertically or horizontally. Only half an inch clearance is required for the removal of the cleaning element. Replacement cleaning elements are available from most service stations.

2. Wipac Spark Plug: Improvements in production technique have enabled the manufacturers to produce the new Wipac spark plug to retail at 3s. 6d. each. Exhaustive tests have been undertaken both by the clients and independent concerns and the results have been highly satisfactory. The plug carries a guarantee for 10,000 miles.

3. Wipac Fuel and Petrol Filters: A range of fuel and petrol filters will be exhibited, including the new Wipac Major fuel filter. All are designed for easy fitting and can be supplied in a variety of forms covering a large range of thread sizes to suit usual pipe diameter and tank threads.

4. Wipac Vertical Magneto: This vertical magneto is suitable for four-cylinder engines and has been designed to operate at camshaft speed and to replace standard coil ignition units. The magneto is completely stronded with metal, making it weather-proof, flame-proof and damage-proof. It incorporates an automatic advance mechanism void of all springs. Personal experience proves this to be an excellent product.

5. Wipac Electrical Accessories: A range of electrical accessories will be shown, including electric horns, stoplight switches, headlamps, etc.
Wico-Pacy Sales Corporation, Ltd., Denbigh Road, Bletchley, Bucks.

C. C. WAKEFIELD Stand 496

All your lubrication queries, racing car or otherwise, can be answered on this Stand. Wakefield’s have been in the forefront of the lubrication world since the days of the immortal Castrol “R” and before. What is good enough for the racing driver is good enough for us and no other oil but Castrol is used by the Editor of Motor Sport.
C. C. Wakefield and Co., Ltd., 46, Grosvenor Street, London, W.1.