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Sir, I read Mn, Sel/tt Mliiii.rieff"s letter regarding the earliest litily racing driver 5th It great interest. 1 sn mild like lit advance the Or NI:0111.11le 11,311111tille

ItS it row ror !hp title. Study of NKr. Gerald Itose's " Itecord of Ilona. Itacing. 1$9.1-1908 " (now published by Mi,tiir Itaeing I'M:lie:II ions Ltd.). reveals Ilial this ladY look part in the Ntarseille Nice rave in 1898, riding a 1h. Dion trieyele. Mr. Jarrott ably explains the rigours of riding Iliesv machines in his book, and \Own it is

realitie11 I hal Alailame IWO le l'aslesl time of all the I ricycles I/11 ill,' first Alav-, and ended fourth in I Ile list of finishers, one can feel nothing but the warmest tulmiration for this pliwky lady. It appears (hal, due to ineelianival troubles. she finished a little late on Ike second day. and rumour of her retirement. (happily false) had perturbed the officials, who had made r(%ady In present her with II bouquet of Mowers. Mitch as this gesture must have been 711/preeiitletl, One feels 01111 a gtictul 1101 hal lu still liaVe I Well in the forefront of he good lady's mind 1 ant. Yours. etc., P. II. Tot\ Li,