London, E.18

Sir, in January of this veal. I became the proud owner of my first car, a 1934 Singer 9-11.p. sports, and now that the " neW I Oy " atmosphere leis worn off, to the aceompanitillla 1■I' not incon siderable expenditurc '. I eau appreciate the shartcontings of this particular car. (Inc of my friends ONVI1,4 a 1926 " .12/50 " Alvis, which, despite its eight years seniority, is undoubtedly a much better car, and less expensive wit cal; and which lends irresistible weight to your arguments of vintage ears. Indeed, my

add tame Willi this motor car has decided III(' III sell my Singer and buy a vintage car. am, Yunr.:. ete.„

London, E. IS. 1:1..s.w oicin v.