I read with interest and appreciation your sympathetic report on the second V.S.C.C. Silverstone meeting, but would like to extend your remarks about the Seaman Trophy and the qualification of tars like E.R.A. as "historic racing cars."

It you will cast your mind back you will remember that there is always a period When a given type of car is obsolescent, in that it is incapable of further racing in the front rank, and " interesting " in the sense that it is an historic survivor. The 1922 T.T. Vauxhalls and the 1925 G.P. Sunbeams passed through this period during the '30s as a result of which only one out of a total of seven fine cars survives in its original fonn. There can be little doubt that ten years from now the ears like E.R.A. and early 750 kg. Formula cars will have a real historic value, but in turn they are unlikely to survive the interregnum unless some steps are taken to retain them in active competition. It was for this purpose that the Vintage Club decided on an age limit of 15 years, and we hope that from modest beginnings this year we shall be able to build up a really worthwhile programme for racing machines of this class.

We are especially indebted to Monkhouse for giving us the entirely appropriate Seaman Trophy for what we hope will be the major annual event for these cars, and we are quite ready to accept the entry of somewhat anomalous vehicles until we can build up a suffieiently large field composed of the pure racing type.

Finally, I would like to qualify your remark that the Club seeks to encourage "white elephants." During a discussion at a recent committee meeting I NVRS able to put forward what I think is a better definition: " The success of this Club is based upon its ability to defend lost causes successfully." I am, Yours, etc., London, E.C.1. LAURENCE POMEROY,

President, Vintage S.C.C.