From the Vintage Postbag, October 1951



From the Vintage Postbag

Sir, It was very pleasant i see the photograph of my Oakland in your September issue, but I feel I must point out that it isn’t a ” Yank.” It is in fact a .product of General Motors of Canada, Limited, and was made in Oshawa, Ontario

I feel I cannot agree that its inclusion in the vintage circle diminishes the argument ” Vintage for quality.” There is nothing shoddy or cheap about the construction of this car. I believe that at the time General Motors of Canada made four ” brands ” of motor car, of which the Oakland was the most expensive but one. The body is beautifully made, and the slender pillar between the front and rear doors is as solid as if it were part of the chassis itself.

I. am sorry to take up more of your valuable space; but I feel I must set the Oakland’s ‘birth certificate to rights. I am, Yours, etc., Hoylake.. JOHN B. RtunaN. [We have ordered fresh supplies of sackeloth.—En.]