Esso have iraroiliassl :r series of eiglit .excellent 5 miles-to-one inch maps of Britain. These slow very clearly the main roads and give adequate detailsof the lesser roads, while Major landmarks and boundaries are shown. They are nicely printed on stroag paper, with a National Grid places-referenee key, and ean be obtained, at 6d. each, from ESso Service Stations. l’he maps comprise : No. 1, London (1 mile to the Mehl) ; No. 2, S. & E. England ; No. 3. S. & W. England ; No. 4, Vales and Midlands ; No. 5, Nerthern England ; No. 6, Southern Scotland ; No. 7, Northern Scotland ; No. S., I rela miii. ‘I’hte full set, costing a Mere as., is remarkable value, while for 2s. lid. the motorist can obtain live maps with the aid of %slay!’ he ean lind his way adequately to any part, of Englawl. We count these Esso maps a Good Thing ; it is so pleasant these days to discover a genuine bargain.