Prescott-The Virtuosity of Ken Wharton



Prescott International (sic) Hill-Climb on September 14th produced a big crowd and a good entry. As Mr. Lyons said when presenting the prizes, this seemed the answer to those who said that circuit-racing is killing the sprint.

Ken Wharton, already unassailable as 1952 R.A.C. Hill-Climb Champion, was quite outstanding. He lowered his own course record by 0.11 sec. driving the blown Cooper-J.A.P. 1,000, proving that he had it under control after entering Orchard Corner at predigious speed, when to onlookers a spin or a prang looked inevitable. The new record is 43.7 sec. Wharton also won the Forumle Libre class, with the E.R.A., in 44.47 sec. Another outstanding driver was Peter Walker, who shattered Allard’s sports-car record by 0.3 sec, in a Type-C Jaguar-new record, 47.66 sec. Alas, in driving the 2-litre E.R.A.-engined Cooper, Peter found the power too great, clouting the Esses’ bank on his first run and never bettering 48.9 sec. subsequently. But we anticipate hearing more of this exciting car. Lloyd-Jones made a courageous climb in his thunderous four-wheel-drive aero-engined Triangle, in 49.57 sec. Fastest ” 500 ” was Leston’s Cooper-Norton, in 45.61 sec., beating Ebdon’s Iota by over a second. For once Stubberfield spun his Bugatti at Orchard, but later clocked 46.15 sec. Goodwin has found increased power from the blown 4.3 Alvis engine of his Goodwin and came up, never in a straight line for more than a moment, clocking 48.34 sec.-we should like to see this car at Brighton. Downing drove well to win the Formula II class for Connaught.

Results :

Sports Cars, Non-s/c:

Up to 1,500 c.c.: G. Tyrer (B.M.W. Special)   49.54 sec*

1,501-3,000 c.c.: E. C. Harewood (PB M.G.)   50.17 sec.

Over 3,000 c.c.: P.D.C. Walker (Type C Jaguar)   47.66 sec.

Production-Car Handicap: J.C.C. Mayers (Lester-M.G.)   50.58-4 sec.

Racing Cars

Formula I: J. Smith (Bugatti)   48.39 sec.

Formula II: K. H. Downing (Connaught)   45.44 sec.*

Formula III: L. Leston (Cooper-Norton)   45.61 sec.

Formule Libre: K. Wharton (E.R.A.)   44.47 sec.

2-cyl. over 500 c.c.: K. Wharton (Cooper-J.A.P.)   43.70 sec.*+

Bugatti Handicap: A.F. Rivers Fletcher (Type 35)   48.56-5.25 sec.

* New Class Record    + F.T.D.