Pictorial Review

Ulster T.T.    Italian G.P.    Aintree International    OuIton Park    Prescott Hill-Climb    Shelsley Walsh

Peterborough M.C.    B.D.C. Hill-Climb

Top: Tight Squeeze. — Graf von Trips runs the 300SLR very close to the edge of the Dundrood Circuit as he passes the Index of Performance winning D.B. “sports car”. In his first race with the 300SLR this new German driver finished third, partnered by Andre Simon. The black spot on the bonnet of the Mercedez-Benz is the gauze over the air intake to the eight-cylinder engine.

Bottom: Free Hand. — Unrestrained by team orders, Moss showed his true form in the Ulster T.T. and conquered all, assisted for a few laps by John Fitch. The damaged bodywork of the 300SLR was caused by driving back to the pits on a flat tyre after a tread had come off at high speed, the flailing rubber tearing the thin sheet aluminium. Note one of the spare wheels under the tail covering , the car carrying a spare front and a spare rear.

Top, right: Yet Another. — The American driver John Fitch added his name to the list of drivers of the Moss Maserati. This philanthropic loaning of the car by Moss has given many people the opportunity to drive a Grand Prix car for the first time. The ghost car in the background is the result of the rebuilt Monza Autodrome with a circuit within a circuit.

Top, left: New Problems. —The high speed bankings of the new Monza track had set new problems for the designers of Grand Prix cars and here is Behra with the streamlined Maserati. This is the Moden firm’s first serious attempt at full streamlinging since pre-war Tripoli days.

Bottom: Triumphal Procession. — Fangio, Moss, Taruffi in formation with Castelloti just behind, during the early stages of the Italian Grand Prix. They are finishing the half-lap, approaching the pits, while in the background can be seen the end of the South Banking where it joins the finishing straight.

Scottish Victory. — N. Sanderson in the Ecurie Ecosse D-type Jaguar, where approaching Tats Corner, won the unlimited sports-car race from his team-mate Titterington at Aintree.

Journey Downhill. — J. W. Waddington in a Fiat 1,100 TV on the avenue near Cascades in the “Daily Herald” Trophy Meeting at Oulton Park.

Finale. — The B.R.M. driven by Collins won the last race of the day, the Formule Libre. It is seen in the centre of the front rank. On its left is Salvadori and on the right is R. Gerard. Behind, left to right, are Holt (Connaught), Brooks (Connaught) and Halford (Cooper-Bristol).

Green Leads. — Reg Parnell in a works Connaught led S. Moss in his Maserati until both broke down towards the end of the race. The small Aintreee crowd seemed to appreciate this remarkable performance.

500s Away. — The start of the 500-c.c. race at the “Daily Telegraph” Aintree meeting. On the right is No. 1 Russell, who won the race, next are No. 6 Boshire-Jones, No. 4 C. Allison, No. 9 Colin Davies. Davies lost a wheel and was forced to retire.

Dutch M.G. — C. A. de Pesters, of the Dutch Racing Drivers’ Club, in a TC M.G. Special at Prescott.

Monsters in the Woods. — The beautifully-kept 1929 4½-litre Bentley owned by Alick Pitts performing at Shelsley Walsh.

DB3S Again. — Reg. Parnell, winner of the “Daily Herald” International Trophy Race at Oulton Park, driving the DB3S Aston Martin.

Vermin? — The Aston Martin DB3S of the Vermin Stable driven by P. A. Everard at the Prescott International Meeting on September 11th.

On Home Ground. — R. C. Symondson’s Bugatti, at Prescott once again, is seen here coming out of Pardon Hairpin.

Tiddlers Race. — W. G. Boult in one of the many Austin Seven Specials running in the 750 Formula event at Silverstone on September 10th.

Sports Saloon for Beginners. — The Phantom III Rolls-Royce driven by Stanley Sears in the Bentley D.C. Hill-climb Meeting at Firle.

Armchair Hill-Climbing. — A. R. Marsh bringing the 300SL Mercedes-Benz carefully into the first of the esses at Shelsley Walsh Golden Jubilee Meeting.

Brief Reappearance. — Both Villoresi and the Grand Prix Lancias made a reappearance at Monza during the practice, but did not start in the race. Apart from the Ferrari badge on the scuttle the cars were unchanged since the last appearance at Spa. This unusual view was afforded by the fact that the bankings are part-way below ground level.

First Time Out. — The new eight-cylinder Grand Prix Gordini made its first appearance at Monza, in the hands of Jean Lucas, here seen waving to the photographer, the close-fitting cockpit restricting his movements. Though interesting mechanically the car did not perform too well an could not last the distance.

Away We Go. — After stopping for 1 min. 40 sec. to have a new windscreen fitted to his Mercedes-Benz Moss is pushed back into the fray, during the Italian Grand Prix. He later went out with serious engine trouble and not transmission failure as at first thought.

Indicator. —Among the many new improvements at Monza was this electric scoreboard, showing tha 18 is leading at 207.9 k.p.h., 14 is 19 seconds behind and 4 is 55 seconds behind. This is on lap 37 and the leader is on the south banking. Passing are the Ferraris of Maglioli and Castelloti, the former one lap in arrears

Routine. — A very tired Fangio suffering at the hands of the crowd after the Italian Grand Prix, with a happy Taruffi on his right. Neubauer bellows at everyone in general, while Moss, in the background hopes it will be his turn soon.

Outstanding. — The performance of the Lotus- Climax 1,100-c.c. car, driven by Chapman/Allison, was one of the most impressive sights in the Ulster T.T., Chapman keeping the car well ahead of all the 1½ and 2-litre cars. Ths works model is fitted with Girling disk brakes, as was the M.G.-engined car also entered by this enterprising firm.

Twosome. — Walker leading Collins in the factory DB3S Aston Martin, with Weber carburetters and Girling disk brakes, in formation at Ireland’s Corner. Walker was ably supported by his co-drive Poore and they finished a worthy fourth in the T.T.

At Grips Again. — Once more Fangio and Hawthorn had a close duel, this time in the T. T., where Fangio in a 300SLR Mercedes-Benz is seen leading the D-type Jaguar of Hawthorn. Eventually the English car got ahead, only to retire with engine trouble before the finish.

Outlcassed. — The factory Monza Ferraris of Castelloti and Maglioli corner together in the Ulster T.T. They were soundly beaten by the Aston Martins, amongst others. The leading car is still in good shape, being photographed before Castelloti spun and wrecked the near side of the body.

Traffic. — The Cooper-Climax of Bueb/McDowell took the lead in the 1,100-c.c. of the T.T. when Chapman’s Lotus had a lengthy pit stop. Here it is seen being hard pressed by Frankenbuerg’s Porsche, while Walker looks for a way through. That sports-car racing is a little farcical is evidenced by the leading “single-seater.”