Prescott Hill-Climb (Sept. 14th)



David Boshier-Jones made sure of the R.A.C. British Hill-Climb Championship when he broke the record for the Prescott hill With a climb in 41 sec. dead. Only 0.08 of a second behind was Tony Marsh, driving his 1,100.c.c. Cooper. These were the only two drivers to break 42 sec., next best being the climb of Michael Christie, who went up in 42.25 sec.

The meeting was near to being abandoned when, after little more than an hour, G. D. Pick slid in his Cooper-Bristol and completely demolished the timing hut at the finish. Luckily, after a delay of half an hour, the timing apparatus was repaired and the meeting was able to continue.

Tony Marsh won the Formula I and II class with a climb of 43.03 see. in his F.II Cooper, from Michael Christie who was very neat and tidy in his F. II Lotus but had trouble with the gearbox. He eventually recorded 43.75 sec. Miss Pauline Brock was unable to hold off the challenge of R. B. James for the B.O.C. 500-c.c. Championship, although she climbed in 46.46. Reg Phillips retained his hold on the racing-car class for cars exceeding 2.5-litres with a characteristic climb in 43.56 sec, and Boshier-Jones won the 1,100-c.c. racing-car class in 41.42 sec.

The Bugatti Handicap was contested by only eight cars and was won by E. J. Sibbald (Type 37A). who climbed in 53.57 sec.. with a handicap of 5.25 sec. F. E. Wall in a Type 51 recorded 48.49 sec, from the scratch mark to take second place