Old Typewriters ---



Old Typewriters —


read with great interest a letter in last month’s edition of your very excellent magazine regarding an 1896 Remington typewriter still in regular use.

This has prompted me to write about my Remington. This is a model 7 as well, and is dated 1894. It was constructed at Ilion, New York.

I have now been using this typewriter for periods approaching two hours daily for over a year; and the only replacements necessary have been, like your other reader, a new ribbon, and also the fabric band which your other reader mentioned. This I replaced with a spring-steel one. There are various elastic bands doing the work that springs used to do; but otherwise it is original.

The keys are all of ” French-polished ” wood, and the whole machine is in beautiful condition.

I beat your other reader in that I paid nothing for it in the first instance, finding it on a scrap-heap! I too would never part with it.

Camberley. CHARLES R. SELBY.

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